Excited Possible Pregnancy Help Anyone

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Lilyawna - November 14

Hey, so im just looking for some help from you possible moms/someone who knows what they are really talking about! My Fiance & I have been having unprotected intercourse for about a month and a half now. I am now 6-8 days late for my period....I Have been experiencing feelings, listed below... 1)Nausea(same time every night, which I think may be caused because I am hungry) 2) Constant backache(feel like I will have a period, but it never comes.Feeling passes) 3)Abdominal ache(Same as backache) 4) Feel like I am eating more then I used to(not sure if that even comes into effect so early in a pregnancy:S) 5)My nipples seem to be slightly more tender than usual..... 6)Somewhat more tiresome, but not a huge difference. I had a doctors Appt. on Friday, (only 1-3 days late at the time), and had a test done then, but it came back negative....so I had assumed that I wasn't pregnant. But what little symptoms I think I may have, are still here.There hasn't been any spotting or bleeding that I have noticed, and I have been somewhat checking...but my discharge isn't there like it was before, now it's just somewhat damp/liquidish? So before I go back to the doctor, does anyone have any possible explinations for this? I am hoping for pregnancy:), but does this seem like just small symptoms. I know most women you hear of have major nausea, and no doubt about it that they are pregnant! Love to hear some advice! Thanks guys, Lilyawna


mjvdec01 - November 14

Wait another week, if AF doesn't come then take another hpt, it it is negative make another appt to see the doctor and get a blood test, even if they did one before. you want a quant_tative hcg, it will tsll you the exact level of hcg in your blood, anything 25 or over is what you want. Make sure they don't do the qualitative test, that one only states preg or not preg- that means that if the level is 24 it will say not preg. the symptoms youare describing sound promising. Ther are a lot of women who don't test positive until several days after their missed period. Don't stress yet, every day that AF doesn't show is a good sign. Hope this helps! :}



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