Expecting AF Around October 17 Join Us Part 6

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hope - October 6

NEW THREAD ALERT!!! Ladies, I am starting a new thread for Thursday! Come on over!!!!


ashley - October 6

Dont have much to say except goodmonring. I have to get back to cla__s, and it looks like I missed a ton of stuff. Where is Clynn and April I am dying to here. I am tired! lol. I


Emily - October 6

I am so gald to hear that everyone is feeling ok, aside from being tired or waiting....Welcome to all who are new...Jessica, I was also 10 weeks.. I went in with spotting and they didn’t find a heartbeat. I was not bleeding very much and I didn’t have any cramps, so he tested my hormone level to see how high it was. It was really high, so he wanted to do the D&C. He knew there would be a klot of tissue to pa__s, and didn’t want me to have to go through that. He also said that I would start to cramp. He also checked my cervix and was surprised that I wasn’t bleeding any more than I was. It was vary pink and only when I wiped, and not every time (I know TMI) I don’t want to scare anyone…the doc said normally as long as it isn’t red or heavy, its normal. He said a lot of woman spot. I guess I am just weird. Anyway that night after I learned I was m/cing, I started to feel cramps. I guess I wouldn’t let myself feel them before…Well back tot the brighter side, I am TTC again. The waiting game is killing me. You all make it bearable. I think I am making myself feel preg…I only just finished oving and I am feeling funny and dreaming weird things and gagging on my toothpaste (something I only did when I was preg) Well anyway, anyone heard from Clynn or April?


hope - October 6

COME OVER TO TODAY"S NEW THREAD!!! http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-Expecting_AF_around_October_17_Join_us__Part_7__THURS_/


April H. - October 6

Well...both tests came back BFN!!! This mornings test even. Oh well! I guess there is always next month. I still see the dr. today so we'll see what he says. Still have no period.


judie - October 10

is it safe to sit in a hot tub while im pregnant


Lo - October 10

Hey I am new to this website. My period didn't come at all last month. The last one I had started on Aug. 16. I took a couple pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I've had minor symptoms like nausea, dizziness, sore b___sts, and minor cramping. I haven't taken a test in a week or so. But if no AF by this weekend, I'm going to test again. Anyone experiencing anything like this?


Justine - October 10

Judie & Lo - we've moved on to a new thread as this one was getting so long. Look for the thread t_tled 'expecting af around october 17? Join us. **weekend**. See you over there!



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