Expecting AF On Or Around The Sept 25th

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AmyN - September 15

Most of us just ovulated so the next 2 weeks will be a hard wait, but if we stick together and share our concerns and any symptoms we may experience we'll make it! Baby Dust to all...


aish - September 15

yeh i am in the same boat... i hope we all get pregnant soon....right now i am having pain in my lower tummy and sore b___bs(af symptoms)..so little bit tense....i hope my AF wont come


amyn - September 15

aish- when's you af due? I haven't had any symptoms yet, been feeling a little dizzy, but don't know if that is any different than the norm for me.. ?????????? I'm really hoping my af wont' come. How long have you been ttc? This is our 2nd month and our 1st baby


amyn - September 15

and my nose has been runny the last few days, usually its just stopped up. but then again I've always had nose issues, I think I'm going crazy thinking too much into things..


elle - September 16

hi there you 2, i am on my first dpo, and hoping not to see af on the 28th of Sept. No symptoms yet, but heres hoping! baby wishes 2 u


aish - September 16

hi aimyn, my af due on 22 or 23,i hope they wont come.almost 4mths of trying(first baby).i have pain in my lower tummy& sore b___bs but not very sore as they used to be (in every AF).But as iam having lower tummy pain i think i will get my Af,feeling so low. But on ur side u r not experiencing any symptoms of Af ,it means u r preg.(all the best wishes with u).I am praying to God ... keep informing me


aish - September 19

hi aimy N, ho'z life ? any smptoms ?? i have sore b___bs & faint tenderness in belly area


AmyN - September 19

Hey Aish- Girl I don't know whats up, I think its all in my head but I've been noticing more veins in my one b___b and the veins in my legs and abdomin are really showing (I already have translucent skin, but this is worse than normal). I nipples are sore off an on, but who knows. I'm trying hard not to read into things but its difficult. I don't know what day my AF is supposed to show because my cycles have been irregular. I have a OBGYN visit this Thursday so I'm going to ask a bunch of questions. If I ovulated on the 12th then I'm 8 dpo. soooooo we shall see. I have a friend who is 5 weeks pregnant and says she doesn't have any symptoms but feels bloated. I'll keep you posted. Let me know if you get AF or not. Good luck all Baby Dust...


Amanda Skelton - September 19

I am suppose to have af arrive on Sept.25, and very much would like it not to. I stoped taking birth control at the end of July and had af visit Aug.28, I have also been trying to find out early symptoms.


Lindsay - September 19

My af is due on the 26th but i have been having lower ab pains for a week now. I also get really tired during the day, and of coourse i am very nauseated.



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