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Cutie - March 24

This is not exactly about pregnancy, however I wanted to see if you ladies have any comments about ER. My experience wasnt great. When I got go ER about a month ago. I told them that I was bleeding so bad. I still had to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours. I was called back and taken to one of the rooms. The only tests they have done is Pregnancy Test and blood work to see if I wasnt becoming anemic, and thats it. They told me that they dont have any OBGYN doctors in ER who could help me. I went to the bathroom and unfortunately, I started bleeding ever worse than when I arrived to ER with much more blood clots. They told me that they wont do anything and reffered me to OBGYN doctor in 3 days. Of course the blood level was low, because I did loose a lot of blood. NOTHING was done about it. My experience at ER wasnt that terrific and I think that ER is only for "Life Threatening Emergency" - seriously...... What do you ladies think of ER's?


marie - March 25

I'm not sure where you live; however, my exp in the er wasn't as bad as yours. I believe location has alot to do with it. I live in the tri state area and when I was sent to the er for possible gallbladder infection I was treated right away. I had went to the dr's from there was sent to the er and had a bed within minutes. They had ran a ultra sound, took accessive blood tests, and a urine sample. Apparently, it wasn't my gallbladder and was a bad case of a uti which had inflammed my liver. They didn't keep me in the hopital which was very surprised considering I was in extreme pain and couldn't walk.


Dina - March 25

I m/c on 1-11-05 at the ER. It started out that I was spotting on sunday, and by Tuesday night I had heavy bleeding and awful cramps (throwing up and shaking it hurt so bad). We rushed to the ER (with my OB's ok), told them I was having a m/c and I was in bed and in a gown within ten minutes! They had taken blood and inserted an IV withing ten more minutes, and then I got up to use the bathroom and pa__sed everything in the bathroom. Nurses helped back to bed( and no more cramps after that...the pain was gone) and Doctors rushed in to clean up the bathroom and examine what I had pa__sed. I had two nurses who stayed with me the whole night, one regular doctor who did a v____alexam, my OB who came in to talk to us and set up future appointments, and I had three ultrsounds done by a woman who stayed till 1:30 am because she had heard what happened to me and wanted to see me before she left for the night. My experience was very traumatic (sorry for the length...I guess I still need to vent alittle) but I could not have been more pleased with the staff at the ER. I am so sorry your experience was not good. Have you written them your told your doctor how disappointed you were? Is there another hospital you can go to?


Cutie - March 25

I am glad you girls were treated great. There is a few hospitals in my area, so maybe next time I will go to another one. :) I am not the one who always whines and complaines, I just explained what I have experienced at ER. I dont like to complain, I just felt like I wanted to talk to you ladies :) Thank you for your answers and God bless!


to cutie - March 26

What you describe was going on with you and there reaction, doesn't gel. I hope that both you and your baby are fine, but you should have been sent to that hospital's maternity ward. I was in a minor car accident, went to emergency to make sure everything was ok. Yes, I did have to wait but only becasue there was no bleeding, but they did send me to maternity to be monitored for a few hours. Definitely DON"T deliver there!


Cutie - March 26

"to cutie" you probably misunderstud me. I am not pregnant, but I thought I was right before the bleeding started. I told them about it, because I thought maybe it was a miscariage.....:)



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