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konsm - February 26

Hi, I have been having some symptoms. I had my LMP on Jan 27 and I came off my BCP last month and had a regular AF. I think I ovulated between Feb 10-14. I have been having cramps and low backache from 17th which is very wierd since I usually have slight cramps only during my AF. And I have been having temperature of about 99 which keeps increasing everyday...last time I saw it was 99.5. And I have been gassy (strange), having flu like symptoms(like chills) and sore br___ts. The back pain was severe for some days and now it is dull pain that increases as I am sitting the whole day at work. I am due for my AF on 27th. I did a EPT test on 20th and got BFN(maybe because it was too early). Since the back pain was severe I took a doctor appt and they also checked for pregnancy and came negative. I am not sure if it just my body trying to fight the hormones since I came off BCP or am I pregnant. Can somebody please advise. Thanks


amy - February 26

well as a nurse i can tell you that you may have tested too early. did you do a urine pregnancy test at the clinic? some times even the tests we use in the dr's office cannot detect the hormone. i would suggest taking another test tomorrow using your first morning urine. if my calculations are right (if your last period was jan 27 and your cycles are 28 days appart) you were due for your menses on the 24th. the cramping and low back pain around the 17th sound like implantation may have taken place. good luck!!


Thanks - February 26

Thanks for your input. When I was on BCP I used to have 30 days cycle. I have forgotten the number of days of cycle I used to have before BCP. I think I'll wait and see if I miss my AF and then do a HPT.


Laura - February 26

Hello Konsm, I have all the same symptoms as you do, with the exception of the chills and fever. I am due for my AF on the 28th. I took two HPT's and went to the doctor yesterday to make sure it wasn't some kind of stomach infection. She had no clue what it was, and had me do a pregnancy test. She agreed that it might be too early to tell, but went ahead and did it anyway. It was negative. However, I know my body, and that something is different, and I am convinced I'm pregnant. I think it might be too early to tell for you yet. I'm believing that AF will not come next week and that I will test positive next week. However, I have read that a lot of women who are on the pill continue to have periods throughout pregnancy, so that might be the case with either one of us. Want to wait for AF togther and keep each other posted? So glad to have someone in the same boat as me!


Nina - February 26

amy,how soon the doctors can check the uterus for pregnancy ,by pelvic exam??


konsm - February 26

Sure laura. I will keep you updated. baby dust for you.


amy - February 26

nina, your uterus and cervix will start changing as soon as implantation takes place.the cervix softens and so does the uterus also your cervix will take on a bluish tinge.


nina - February 27

thanks amy.i appriciate your help


pam - February 27

i got my period on 2/4/05.i always get b___st tenderness before my cycle,but 'm not having signs that i'm going to get my peroid. i have a 26 day cycle, could i be pregant?


Laura - February 28

Konsm, Any updates? Hope everything is great.


konsm - February 28

No sign of AF yet.....I am going to wait for few more days before i test. What about you? Any updates. If your back is still hurting I would suggest taking calcium supplement. I think that helped me. Back pain is mild now and bearable.


Laura - February 28

Hey Konsm, Here's to waiting for AF. Got too curious today and took a test- had a feeling it was too early. It was negative. AF never comes until Wednesday either. Good thing I bought a pack of three tests! :) Symptoms continue- constant nausea, gas, back pain is off and on, tiredness, b___bs growing everyday, blue veins everywhere, and cm. I think when my b___bs started getting bigger, I realized that I seriously have to be pregnant! My husband is helping me eat small amounts frequently- I've completely lost my appet_te and the thought of eggs makes me want to vomit. When does AF usually come for you? Keep me updated!


konsm - March 1

Hi Laura, I usually get my AF in 30 days. It should have been on 25th. It has been 5 days now since I have missed my AF. I have not yet done the HPT test yet since the last time I did that was very early. I want to do it in a day or two so that I can be sure. Anyways the new changes I have seen are that I am feeling hungry all the time. 1-2 hrs after dinner I start feeling hungry again. This is so wierd. And another thing is that the color of my left areola(b___b) is getting darker. Right b___b has still not changed. Hopefully will get a positive. Baby dust to you!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure your symptoms say you are pregnant. maybe your progesterone increases you might have tested early. wait for some more days and test. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


nikki - March 10

Hello, I have just found out I am pregnant after almost 6 years of trying. It was quite a shock. I feel terrible though and I am so worried. I am only 5 weeks going into 6 and I have constant back pain and lower cramping. No bleeding. I woke at at 3am with a fever of 101 and back pain so constant I cant get back to sleep. I have been to my docs and had my hormone level tested it seems ok. I just dont know what is going on. Does anyone know what could cause this? It doesnt seem normal! I have terrible gas and am having trouble going to the bathroom. I want to stop stressing about this but I just cant. Any help would be great. Thanks


Linda - March 10

Hey I know how alot of you girls are feeling! Me personaly I am supposed to start my af between now and next thursday (march 16) I used to be normal, on the dot but since I have had s_x my cycles are not so much regular (though still somewhat regular). I have mild cramping (not unsuall) and my b___bs recently have started to get sore (again normal). The two things that have gotten me to think I might be pregnant is well one I'm getting what seems like morning sickness pretty bad, gagging (not vomitting yet) and just plan sick to my stomach like I ate too much. That is not normal at all for a preperiod sign for me or just plan not normal for me at all. The one other sign is my discharge is now thicker and whiter than normal and it just started suddenly. I would have to say it's geting more and more frequent as the days go by. Other signs as well, dark blue viens, peeing, an adnormal disire for water (?), and of course the lovely bloating like I'm 4 months preg. and gas. My partner and I used protection (condom) so my only guess is it might of leaked. I've heared of it happening... So right now I am playing the waiting game, glad I am not alone! If it doesn't come by the 16th/17th I am going to test.



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