Extremely Sensitive Nipples

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Fernanda - February 18

I am wondering whether anyone has or is experiencing very sensitive nipples but no sore br___ts as an early sign of preg.? I am a few days late for my period and dont have the menstruation cramps that i usually get prior to AF. Anyone????


kaitlin - February 18

when i was pregnant i did experience that too...every pregnancy is different so i would say that is a sign, but wait a few more days before u test...it may be to early.


lyla - February 18

My nipples have like a light burning sensation to them. Somtimes I feel an dull ache deep in my b___st. Im only 7 weeks pregnant....but yea it may be too early to test.


fernanda - February 18

I will take that on board....congratulations to you lyla!


del - February 18

Ialso have the same thing. I had a blood test last week and it was -ive. I'm 11 days late. If I don't start in too weeks I have to go and get a beta hcg level preg test. I don't know what to think. I've had alot of other symptoms but they dulled out.


lyla - February 18

Thanx for the congrats! To del- alot of peole don't get a positive until after a few weeks, I barely got a positive 2 weeks ago. sometimes it takes a while for the hormone to increase. I hope that in 2 weeks you get a BFP!!!!! Sending baby dust your way.


del - February 18

Thanxs lyla. and by the way baby dust to you.


Nichole - February 24

I have had super sore nipples the last week and a half or so and now I'm two days late with no sign of AF. I'm going to test tomorrow if I don't start then.


nichole - February 24

I have had really sore nipples (but not b___sts) for the last week and a half. I am two days late now with no signs of AF. I plan to test tomorrow.


Connie - March 9

I also am experiencing very sore nipples and a v____al discharge. I read on the internet that those are both signs of pregnancy, but I tested negative with a generic pregnancy test from Vons. I am 4 weeks late, so I thought for sure I was pregnant. I guess I will just see what my doctor says next week. The amazing thing for me is that I am going to be 52 next week.


beth - March 9

I am currently 11 weeks and sore nipples were my first sign I was pregnant. I got them before my b___st became sore. I would say it's a good sign, take a test. But make sure you let us know what it is. Good Luck


susie - March 10

I have very sore nipples and extremely tired. I took a digital pregnancy test today and it said not pregnant but when I ejected the stick it had 2 lines. Do you think i'm pregnant. Im supposed to start in 2 days


Annie - March 10

I had REALLY sore nipples for about 2 1/2 weeks...then it went away for about a week...now they are hurting again. I think I just had implantation bleeding but my test came out negative...how long should I wait before I test again?



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