Extremely Sore Nipples WAY Before Period Is Due

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megdan8582 - April 22

I'm kinda confused about this one. My fiance and I were ttc, but now we've put that trying aside, and have come to agree on if it happens, then it happens. Whatever God wants, will happen. Well usually my nipples get a little bit sore two or three days before my period begins. My period is not due until May 9th, and always get it on time. My nipples began to hurt last Sunday (the 16th) and as the days have passed, they feel like they are hurting even more. I've never had this much pain before. It's nothing like excruciating, but I definitely know SOMETHING is up. I was just wondering what this could be, and has anyone had really sore nipples like 20 days before AF is supposed to arrive? Could this be just bad PMS? I also am having TERRIBLE hot flashes and my br___ts feel bigger and a bit heavier. Thanks to anyone who responds!


megdan8582 - April 22

Oh and I also forgot to say that on the 20th, I had some brown spotting in my underwear; it was smaller than a dime. (sorry if tmi)


Lin - April 22

Perhaps it's just due to hormone changes around ovulation. Actually, if you had spotting on the 20th, then it definitely sounds like it's probably due to ovulation.


megdan8582 - April 22

Thanks Lin! :o)


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Is there a chance you could have gotten pregnant weeks ago? Was your April period lighter than normal? If your period is due May 9th, you should not be ovulating until next Tuesday. If your cycle is 28 days your sore nipples started on the tail end of your period. Heavier b___sts and hot flashes are signs of pregnancy. How about fatigue, emotional, dizzy, light nausea etc? Try a home preg test tomorrow morning first pee, and if it is negative start thinking cyst or some other reason for excess progesterone in your system. Good luck!


megdan8582 - April 22

Thank you SO much for your response Grandpa Viv! I thought maybe the same thing, because last month, my af appeared a few days earlier than expected and it didn't last the usual 6-7 days. My cycle isn't 28 days, it's 33, actually. But, I ALWAYS get my period when expected, so who knows! Thanks again for your response! :o)


Babette - April 23

My nipples always quite painful around ovulation. At the worst I have to put my robe on carefully after a shower because they're so sensitive and my b___sts feel so heavy. Hope this helps and hope my answer turns out to be useless because you were pregnant all along!


megdan8582 - April 23

Thanks Babette for your response! I hope that it's useless too! ;o)


megdan8582 - April 25

Well, something's up. I had that taste like I wanted to throw up today. I actually thought I was going to! I don't know what is going on with me. My nipples are still sore and tender. We shall see what happens on May 9th or before! Baby dust to all! :o)


hope1507 - April 25

Well I know the feelings. Except I dont understand mine really, theres no way *or so i thought* i should be feeling like this, this soon. My nipples are the same way the thought of putting on a bra in the mornings kills me and I just want to cry. Now my period isn't due till the 27th but no signs yet. I have started coughing and felt like i was going to get sick.. just isn't the greatest feelings. Anyone feel the same way.... please let me know


megdan8582 - April 29

Well, I'm just "updating" or whatever you would like to call it. I haven't tested yet. I've spent SO much $$ in the past on tests, that I'm just waiting to see if AF shows May 9th or before, and if she does if it's normal or not. I have new symptoms: I feel as though I've been having an increase in saliva, because (sorry if gross or tmi) but I've found myself drooling a lot on my pillow, I also have a stuffy nose (maybe due to allergies? I don't know), and today sitting at my computer desk, I discovered a metallic taste in my mouth. I tasted like I had been chewing on metal or something! I NEVER have had that! That's all for now. I keep telling myself I'm not pregnant, but we shall soon see! :o) Probably just bad PMS symptoms messing around with my head lol.


megdan8582 - April 29

Oh! And one other thing I forgot to mention: Grandpa Viv had posted light nausea in his post, and that is exactly how I have been feeling in the mornings, I feel like I have to throw up. And if I don't eat something it comes on too, but as soon as I eat something, it goes away. This boggles my mind because it has NEVER happened to me before!


Grandpa Viv - April 29

Meg, you are sounding quite pregnant to me. The hot flashes are from hormone surges; more saliva, runny/stuffy nose, metallic taste are part of the pattern. You do not mention tired, more peeing, and lotion discharge which are frequent posts. I wonder what goes on there?


megdan8582 - April 29

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post again! Thank you so much! As for tiredness, I feel very fatigue. Like I have no energy to do anything, sometimes I'm okay, but most of the time I just want to spend time at home and do nothing productive!...Actually, I just awoke from a nap a few minutes ago because I found myself sleepy at my computer desk! I am peeing more than usual, but it's not an excessive amount. As for a lotion discharge, I sometimes feel like something is coming out of me (like an early AF) but when I go to the bathroom, nothing is there. Also, which is probably tmi and I apologize, but my cm or v____a has a different smell to it, it's like a "sweet" smell, if that makes sense. I've also been having the same vivid dreams too (4 days in a row) that I also forgot to mention.


megdan8582 - April 29

Another thing I wanted to mention, what about darker urine? Is that a sign of something? Thanks!


megdan8582 - April 30

Well, I checked my cervix position today, and it is high and closed. Is it supposed to be that way when my period is like just around the corner? (due May 9th) I have also read though, that determining the cp position, doesn't tell if I'm pregnant or not.


Lin - April 30

Darker urine has nothing to do with whether or not you're pregnant. It has to do with your diet and hydration. If it's bright, then it's probably due to vitamins. Don't pay attention to your cervical position. It doesn't mean anything. I've had a high and closed cervix all the way up to af before, and it quickly dropped the morning she arrived.



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