Extremely Sore Nipples WAY Before Period Is Due

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megdan8582 - May 1

Yes, I hope so too! We shall see... :o)


megdan8582 - May 1

Well, this is interesting! This bleeding is not like any period I've experienced before, it's watery. Hmm...and I just talked with my mom, and she told me that when she was pregnant with me, she had a watery "period", she didn't think she was pregnant, but she ended up being! So, I don't know. And I'm still having diarrhea. If I eat something, I have lots of gas and then I feel like I have to have diarrhea...sometimes I go, and then sometimes I don't. Weird! I also went to have a bowl of ice cream which I can ALWAYS "chow down" lol, and I began to eat it but then said "eww" and I didn't finish it. Strange. How are you doing Faith1? Baby dust and BFPs sent everyone's way! :o)


Faith1 - May 1

i'm doing ok.i've been having a few sharp pains in my stomach and i'm very moody with everyone.i'm starting to feel bad. but i think you still could be pregnant.especially since you said your mom had the same thing.keep me posted.


megdan8582 - May 2

Well, I'm kind of sad too, because I think that this is probably an early period and not implantation bleeding...but now a days, with all the reading I've read about how IB is different for everyone, who knows?!. I don't have TOO bad cramps though and I'm not "gushing", so I don't believe this is a m/c or anything serious like that. As hard as it is, I'm just telling myself "God will give me the strength to conceive when it is the right time". I still want to do some more studying, so in reality I'm not really ready yet. I'm praying for your BFP though! Keep me posted too! :o)


Faith1 - May 2

i'm so sorry that this might be af for you.i'm sure you'll get your bfp someday soon.and i'll be sure to keep you posted.


Faith1 - May 4

hey megdan,just checking up to see if the bleeding ever turned into af?


megdan8582 - May 4

I believe now that this is AF, but I'm okay with it b/c I just started to have motivation to lose weight, and if I had ended up pregnant, I'm sure that motivation would have gone from high to low b/c of the morning sickness...so in other words, even though I cannot wait to be a Mommy someday, that time just isn't now. I was REALLY disappointed, but I'm okay now. And don't you feel bad at all! How are you doing, by the way? Any BFPs? I hope you get yours very soon! :o)


Faith1 - May 4

i know you said not to feel bad but i do,i'm so sorry.i'm sure it'll will happen soon for you.and good luck with losing the weight.as for me,well i haven't tested yet.i'm still waiting and i still have all the symptoms.so i guess i'll just see what happens.


megdan8582 - May 4

Oh how wonderful that you still have symptoms! I cannot wait to see if it is a BFP! Good luck to you Faith1! Let's keep in touch! :o)


Faith1 - May 4

i can't wait to see if it's a bfp either.i'll let you know what happens.


megdan8582 - May 31

Faith, did you ever find out? Was it a BFP!? Just would like to know how you are doing! :o)


Faith1 - June 4

Thank for checking up on me megdan but it didn't turn out to be a bfp.... :( but i'll be ok.


megdan8582 - June 4

Oh dear, Faith. I'm truly sorry. We'll get our BFPs someday...soon I hope! Baby dust to you, me and everyone else who posts on these forums! :o)


worriedgirl268 - March 30

My nipples are sore, just the nipples, the b___sts are fine, and it doesn't hurt to put a shirt on or anything only when i squeeze them. what does this mean?


Jennifer0427 - October 1

Hi there! Just wondering, did you end up pregnant? I've have a similar situation but wondering if I want it so bad that it's all in my head. 



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