Eye Twitching Linked To Pregnancy

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daisymaye - November 3

I am now 6 days late with my period and am often quite regular. I started experiencing an eye twitching on the right side 8 or 9 days ago and it has continued since then. I have had excessive gas, mild discomfort (but no pain) in my belly, a stuffy head, and am exhausted by the end of the day. I took a pregnancy test Wednesday and it, of course, turned out negative. My husband and I just decided a couple days ago that we would start trying for our first baby. We had not been trying but also not preventing until a few days ago so technically, we might've already been pregnant when we made that decision. Ha- funny how things work out like that! I plan on taking another test tomorrow or Sunday but I'm not sure if I should hold off longer or just invest in another test if this shows a negative as well. The not- knowing is driving me nuts! Any suggestions? Does anyone have any more information about the eye twitching being linked to pregnancy? I know that it is associated with fatigue and stress but I wasn't stressing or showing signs of fatigue until a few days after this eye twitch showed up. All comments are appreciated!


Erin1979 - November 3

I had the eye twitch when I was preggo too....I always wondered about that!! Hope you get a BFP soon!!


daisymaye - November 3

Erin, Thank you for your response. It's good to hear that someone else has experienced it and was actually pregnant. I've had an eye twitch before but it has never lasted this long. When in the pregnancy did you experience it and for how long? I am so excited but don't want to get my hopes up too high.


Steph - November 3

I had the eye twitch when I was pregnant also. My son's now 4 months old and I haven't had it since....concidence, possibly, but who knows! :o) Good luck!


sonia989 - November 3

I had eye twitching with all 3 of my pregs (1st 2 didn't work out; am now 8wks). No, I wasn't using the computer more than usual. I only had the twitch for the 1st 2 weeks.


daisymaye - November 4

Today is now day 7. This morning I woke up with spotting and a heavy feeling in by abdomen. The eye twitch is still here too. I am going to try to wait to take a test for a few more days and see what happens... Any more information on the eye issue would me appreciated as well!


krissy2006 - November 4

Watch the spotting daisymaye. How much is it actually? I know how very deeply so many people on this site want to be PG, but if you are spotting and you are so late for your period it is most likely your period. IB=implantation bleeding would have occurred before and it is very rare. And IF IT WERE PG bleeding a test would have been ++ already. I know I am being completely negative but don't get your hopes up too high so that they come down plummeting. I hope I am wrong and GL! ***BABYDUST***


daisymaye - November 4

The spotting is extremely light but is there. I have only taken one test and that was on Wednesday afternoon. I haven't taken another for the sake of giving a little more time for my period to come or for the pregnancy hormones to become higher. If my period isn't here by tomorrow, I will be taking another test. Thanks!


sonia989 - November 4

if your period is over 1 week late, you are definitely ready to take a test. Mosts tests can be done whe AF is 4 days late. A lot of them can test the 1st day Af os late, and some can even test before AF is due. I got faint positives about 4 days before AF was due.


BeckyBunny - November 4

Hi daisy! I don't know anything about the eye twitching, but I am in the same place a you - I am 5 days late, have spotting, and neg test wednesday. I test again tomorrow as well. Hope the both of us get our BFPs. =)


Erin1979 - November 4

My eye twitch lasted for about the first 4 months....it got better after that, but occasionally my eye would just go nuts for a while....My dd is 14 1/2 months now, and no more twitching!! I also had really bad cyatic nerve problems...I always thought it was just a "nerve" thing for me. Good Luck!!


daisymaye - November 5

Day #8- Tthis morning I woke up with a pounding sinus headache at about 4:30 a.m. I went ahead to the restroom at that time because I figured I would be sleeping for a few more hours but I was wrong. I went ahead and took a shower and then took my pregnancy test. It was again negative (but was not first morning urine). Krissy mentioned that she knows how badly people on this site want to get pregnant and I understand what she means, but I wasn't expecting to get pregnant yet. My husband and I just agreed to start trying- I was anticipating the next few months being an exciting roller coaster ride not this month. I came to this site to try to get some answers... Has anyone had negatives after 8 days late and then went on to get a positive? Just wondering... All comments are appreciated!


sonia989 - November 5

I'd be really really surprised if you wouldn't get at least a very faint line after 8 days late.


jessicaspatherapist - November 6

i'm pulling for you daisymay...weird about the eye twitching! let us know and you take care :)


cherylkeisuke - March 19

i also experience eye twitching now...feeling pregnant symptoms but not sure if im pregnant since i still have my menstruation...my tummy is also getting bigger and stiff...


Wishful mum - July 21

Hi everyone, I too have been suffering an eye twitch for the past 2 weeks, and my first pregnancy test was positive, yet the 2nd one negative, I had a tumor removed from my uterus in February and for the past 4 cycles they have only been a light 3 day cycle... I'm not due for my periods till next week, but my body is screaming pregnant!!! An I got the eye twitch when I was pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago... So finger are crossed I too have a twitchy eye due to a belly full of arms and legs!!! Daisymaye... Are you pregnant??


melzabennett - January 24

Hi All, I am now four days late, but had a feeling that I might be pregnant earlier on. I did a pregnancy test with ClearBlue Digital, and its come up Positive (1-2weeks). I did another one at night on the same day, and it was Positive again (1-2weeks). I have not had any spotting at all, but I have had an eye twitch for the past three days. I took another test to double double check, and it came up Positive (3+weeks), which I found very odd. I am going to the doctors today, and I am very much praying that a precious gift has been offered to me.



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