Faint BFP Nell Here

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Nell - August 22

AF is one day late. I took a test this morning and there was a very faint light pink line second line totally visible. There is no mistaking that it is there even dh saw it! We are so excited! I am gunna take another one tonight and again in the morning. OMG I AM SOOOO HAPPY. Very sore br___ts. Kinda feel a pressure in my lower abdomin. tired. EMOTIONAL! I am a very emotional person the past 2 weeks the biggest sign was me crying or getting angry for not apparent reason. poor dh 8 more moths of my maddness lol!


Angie/Angela - August 22

You go Nell, I have all your symptoms. I have been so emotional, me and dh have been diagreeing for the last 2 weeks. High body temp, pressure in my lower pelvic area, cramps, nipples sore, gained weight, craving weird stuff. I havent missed my af, but i feel so pregnant. af is due on 08/24 or 08/25. i tested Sunday morning at 4.00 and a BFN came across there quick. like there was no sign of being pregnant. Could i still be pregnant, did you have a BFN at first or any signs of af coming.


Camilla - August 22

Nell, congrats on your BFP!!! That's awesome. Which test did you use? FR often seems to show faint lines in the early days. Good luck testing again, but I'm sure it'll just get darker over time.


Emily - August 22

I took an HPT last Sunday-it had a really faint line I could hardly see it and it went away after a couple of hours on thursday I took another HPT and it had a much darker line-oh yeah I also cry for no reason or get really mad. Last night my husband said he had never seen me this grouchy with him in the year we have been married. Luckily he understands-he has 5 sisters and his mom had 9 kids so he knows what its like to be around emotional messes!


nell - August 22

Well I am in such disbelief but I am oh so happy. I used Answer. I took one test 1 day before AF was due and it came out BFN not even the faintest sign ofa posistive. This morning I was so certain it was gunna be negative and it wasn't I was like OMFG! I am so very greatful. DH and I are so happy. I just can't believe it. I am so happy.



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