Faint Faint Positive ADVICE FAST

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kaylas mom - July 10

okay i just took a test at almost 4 in the afternoon. the it is positive but very very faint.. what shoud i do?


Emma2 - July 10

Wait for tomorrow morning and take it with FMU. GL


Tinker_eyes - July 10

Ahhh! :) I hope it turns out to be a big fat huge biggest positive you ever seen.. unless you don't want that, then I take it back ;) Tink


kaylas mom - July 10

well it looks like it is not there anymore. but it has been 47 minutes after i took it. what should i believe?


sarahd - July 10

You can't get a reliable result from a test after the time limit it is up - if your faint positive came w/in the time limit, then THAT's what you should trust. I'd probably take another one tomorrow morning with your first pee also, just to rea__sure yourself. CONGRATS!


Cindy Johnson - July 11

Good Luck!! :)


kaylas mom - July 11

Girls i hope that i am. af is still not here and i am never late. let me ask you girls a question... i have heard of having weird dreams but i have been dreaming really weird..like i have dreamed of my mother in law that i have not met yet and then i dreamed that my house was broken into. that one scared me really bad and i do not know why i am having them.


zoe52782 - July 11

Kaylas mom, I have also had some weird dreams. I can only remember one vividly. I was in a house with 2 other people and everywhere around us was getting bombed. Then a weird plane crashed and the government was trying to cover it up. Hopefully its a sign for both of us!!


kaylas mom - July 11

god i hope so. I am so tired of waiting everyday thinking that af is going to show up. DH acted like whatever today when I told him. I really do not know what to do anymore.


Jodie86 - July 11

Kayla, I'm 17 weeks pregnant, and i had a very very faint positive when i tested. I waited 3 days and took another test, but when i took the faint test to the doctors she said that if theres a line there, then your pregnant!!! I'd take another test though hunnie! Plus, your dreams CAN be a sign! I dreamt my dp was a proffessional ice skater! And then i dreamt he was a famous artist and only painted with mashed potatoe???? I had another one where a man flew down from the sky on a horse, and was chasing after a king in his charriot and threw a spear through his head! Lovely! I'm not wierd by the way! Hormones i think! he he! My dreams have been keeping me thoroughly entertained though! Have you had any other signs?? When are you going to test again??? I so hope it is! Sending you lots of baby dust!


Jodie86 - July 11

Oh, and i took my first faint positive at like 6 in the afternoon! Oh, what brand did you use? That could be why it faded??? I've still got mine, and you can still see the 2 lines...i used first response 4 days b4 af! It could be the test!



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