Faint Faint Very Faint Pregnancy Test Line

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EVE - February 15

HEY! I had a very very very very faint faint faint line on the HPT. I could see it and so could my friends, but it was very faint. Could it be a malfunction? The lien got darker the longer it sat there. (After 45 minutes - it was very visable) Can anyone relate? Has this happened to anyone and they fell preggie?


stingfan - February 15

A line is a line.....I's say congratulations are in order!


eve - February 15

thanks you! I hope I have good news coming! i am dieing to re-test to see if I get a darker line.... why do you think my 1st test got darker over the 24 hours?


Grandpa Viv - February 15

Most of the test manufacturers specify that the result is valid only if read in the specified time period. Read the fine print. A faint line at the specified time is a positive, but you are wise to test again after a few days to make sure. Good luck!


Anna - February 15

Hi there, yep, my pregnancy test was extremely faint, but definitely pregos. My son's now 16 months old. Good luck.


Wendy - February 15

Mine was very, very faint, and I am now 7 wks So think Yep your pregnant congrats


lynn - February 15

Yes Eve, same expierence and there is a good chance that you are pregnant but your hormone levels are still low so the line came out very faint... Best of Luck


Eve - February 16

congrats Eve I hope we dont just share the same name i would also like yr positive result xxx


Eve - February 16

HI! Thanks for all the positive comments.... I am still not ready to get my hopes up, because the line is soooooo faint. I dont understand why it gets darker the longer it sits there? In the normal "5 minute read time" I can hardly see it.


jk - February 16

It might just be too early to tell. I had the same thing 3 days ago. Most likely you are pregnant. I just got back from the doc this morning with a positive result- after 13 months of trying :)


to jk - February 16

Congrats im happy 4 u xxxx


Eve - February 16

Congrats JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu made my day! 13 months of trying? That is so wonderful! Best wishes to you and congrats, again!!!!! :)


Rachel* - February 16

I had a very very very faint line too. I tested the day after I missed my period. I did another test the next morning and it was the same very faint line. It got darker after 10 minutes or so. I am now 9 weeks pregnant. I would bet you are pg too :)


LAQUANDA - February 16



~m~ - February 16

In my experience, when hcg levels are really low, a faint positive CAN and DOES show up after that proverbial "window of time". With my 2nd child, for the first few days, my positive didn't show up until after 30 minutes. Good luck, and keep us posted!


Eve - February 16

I have been looking around on the net and have read that if you read the results after the time alotted (5 minutes on my tests) that the results dont count. After the alotted time, excess urine causes the test line to darken - they call it an evaportation line and it doesn't mean that the test was actually positive to begin with! Frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eve - February 18

I failed to mention that I am using the small stick tests off the internet - the positive is not showing until 20-30 minutes after..... I am thinking it could be a false positive. :(



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