Faint Line After 15 Min URGENT PLEASE

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Dina - August 1

I have just done the $ test in the afternoon and the faint line appeared like tiny red line after 15 minutes but I swear that you could see something even before this time frame. Anyone please tell me what does this mean???


??? - August 1

How long after testing does it say to do the read? Some tests that I know of say "do not read after xxxx time" - because the line may appear (is it called evaporation line or something??). But if it says to read at 15 minutes, and you see a line, then perhaps it means ++++


Bump - August 1



Chas - August 1

I would take another test to make sure.


Nena - August 1

To some women this is a positive but just to make sure, please take another one in the morning first pee or wait and test in two three days. BABY DUST


xxx - August 1

Do you have any symptoms? When was your last period?


Dina - August 1

My last period was 1st of July but it was different only brownish discharge for three days. I have some symptoms we well: back pain, bloated, nausea on and off, craving food, right leg cramp, abdominal cramp, etc etc


Emma - August 2

HI Dina, I had the same thing last Friday - I actually held the test up at different angles and in different light to see whether I was actually kidding myself, but the line was definitely there. I waited till first thing yesterday morning and did another test and the line was much clearer and stronger. Maybe you are +++ but it is still early days - my last period was 4th July so the pregnancy hormones havent had time to build up much yet. My symptoms have been mild cramping, tiredness, dreadful indigestion after eating virtually anything, and this morning, I feel very nauseous!!! Good luck, try another test, maybe Thursday and BABYDUST all over you!!!!!!


Estee P - August 2

Dina, I had the same problem with the initial two tests that I took a few days after AF was due. Only 6 days after AF was due did I start getting positive test results within the time limit that you're supposed to read it in. So I turned out preggo, and I hope it's the same for you! Just don't test before AF was due, then it's still a bit too early, the HcG pregnancy hormone would not have built up sufficiently yet.


Dina - August 2

Emma I did another one in the morning and same thing happened. I am soooooooo sad. Do you think I should test again or I should just give up? :(


Dina - August 2

Estee P, I had my brownish discharge on 2 July for three days what I thought was implantation and today is 2 August and still no positive result I thing I should just give up. I am all in tears. I was keeping my hopes up because when I had ultrasound 10 days before they could see a shadow but doctor told me that could be enlarged vein in your uterus because the shadow is very irregular, I was scared to death. Than when talking to my friends all of them said that you are pregnant they just couldn't figure it out maybe is still too early because I have never had any vein in my uterus since three years of going to the doctors TTC. Than I always hope that I will get + but nope! What should I do, do I need to do another ultrasound??? Please advice I am going nuts :(


anon - August 2

when you take a pregnancy test you are told not to take whatever result comes up after the 1st 10 minutes so if i were you id ignore that result and take another test. good luck x x x


Tania - August 2

Sounds to me that you are +++ !!! I agree with the girls though that you should take another test just to be sure.My af was due on the 31/07.Did a hpt this afternoon and a bfn.Feel so dispondent...Hope that is was because it was still to early to test...Any thoughts on this girls ??


Cee Bee - August 2

To Tania - depends if you are always regular (on time) - but yes, could be too early to register the HCG - try again in two days if no AF - good luck...


Tania - August 2

Thx for that Cee Bee !


beani - August 2

usually the instructions say not to read after 10 mins i read one once and it was a false pos b/c it was after 10 mins!


Dina - August 2

I guess I should consider as negative, however many women in this forum don't get positives until late first semester. Baby Dust to All



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