Faint Line Gone

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Mandy - December 27

Iam currently 10 days passed O and i been TTC for about 5-6months now. Am suppose (not) get my AF this commin sunday.My symptoms are tender bbs, Tiredness, Increase in eating, and Very noticable veins on my hands,bbs,and thighs. I tested today at work.Two of them.One being a no name brand and the other first response.The no name brand came up with 2 lines but the one line slowly faded to a very very faint line. while the frist response was a BFN.Iam confused.Should i test again in a few days?Or is the 1st one i did enoough so say iam preg? .i know I "O" on the 17th but i had a ultrasound done (for other reasons) on the 19th and nothing was there (so they said)..Anyone with some suggestions would be great


CHEY1MOMMY - December 27



Mandy - December 27

Ty for ur answer. Iam crossing my fingers =) that i am


AmandaMoo - December 27

Hi Mandy. I, too, had a very very faint positive this morning. I am going to test again tomorrow morning. I am afraid that it was just the evap line, but I can still see it on the test. Not really sure what to think so I am going to test again in the morning.


Mandy - December 27

Hi AmandaMoo.. Its so frustrating isnt it/? What is a evap line and do u know why it happens? let me know what ur results are whenu test again =) **babydust**


AmandaMoo - December 27

I have no idea why it happens but i am looking at my test this morning and now i think it was a evap line. C___p! I dont know. It is so frustrating.


Mandy - December 27

i got a doc appointment 2morrow maybe ill ask him to do blood test.Ill keep everyone updated


AmandaMoo - December 27

Sounds good! Good luck!


Mandy - January 1

Well guys i did the blood work and i didnt hear back from my doc so i been thinkin all new years that it was BPN..Well when i got home from Nigara falls there was a message on my phone for me to call my Doc right away! Iam crossing my fingers hopin that its good news! Right now i have more symptoms.I been feelin like am gonna puke, feel bloated, dizzy and sleepin way more.Oh my mood swings are terrible Poor husband!.


ANSWERS? - January 2

Mandy, would love to hear if it was a BFP!! Tell me about the veins...is this a sign to notice them more even in your hands (such as your wrists?). Talk to you soon!


Seredetia - January 2

Yeah, Mandy, I'd like to know if veins on your hands are a sign, too. I'm not the darkest person in the world, but my hands looked translucent the other day. yuck.


Mandy - January 2

well just got off the phone with my Doc... Have to see him on wed cause .. i got my BFP!! my levels are at 33. dont know if thats good or bad!. Been having pains hope its not in my tubes, pray for me and ill be keepin and prayin for everyone else.. **baby dust**


LS - January 2

congratulations on your BFP! best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!


Dionne - January 2

Congratulations Mandy, thats good news. Hopefully dr will get more blood from you just to make sure levels are doubling.


DJ - January 2

congratulations Mandy


Ravini - January 2

Mandy -Congrats and best wishes!



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