Faint Line On HPT

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Megan - April 14

I just took a test 4 and a half days early. I got a faint line. Anyone else had this?


Maria - April 14

Yes, that means you are pregnant. The level of HCG is just very low. If you test again when your period is due it should be much darker. Congratulations and good luck!!


amy - April 14

I tested today at 13-14 dpo and also got a faint positive.. I will retest in the am w/ fmu to see if it is darker, but am very nervous!!! i hope it is +++++


Megan - April 15

I tested again this morning and got nothing! Now I am confused! I will re-test again in the morning but does anyone know what that could mean?


Lenore - April 15

Megan, Did you use a different pregnancy test when you got the negative? All test have different levels. The same thing happened to me. (ended in mc, not that it has anything to do with it) It seems like your HCG level is very low, I would make an appt with your Dr. ASAP.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 15

I got a faint positive on March 1st (we conceived on Valentines Day) and am now happily in my 11th week. :o)


megan - April 15

I used the same brand. I am thinking that I just tested too soon. Thanks for the help! Tiffani-did you take a 2nd test too?


Megan - April 15

Good luck Amy! How did it go?


amy - April 15

Hi Megan.. well it went awful.. went out and wasted my money on more HPT's to test in the am and in the middle of the night.. the b___h came.. another disappointment for me.. I guess false +'s happen.. if it were going to happen, it would happen to me! I have been through so much. On the flip side, to soften the b__w I got a huge promotion today so I can celebrate appropriately.. with alcohol! a double edged sword, celebrate and drown my sorrows... I will not give up though, and wish all of you good luck! Did you test again? I am giving up on HPT's, when I was pregnant (Feb, ended in m/c) I got a BFN, when I wasn't a false +.... I just need a break!


to amy - April 15

You might still be pregant, you might have just gotten preg right before your period was due. My sister had her period for the first four months she was preggo. If you got to www.peeonastick.com( i think) they will say that there is no such thing as a false postive, they say you probley m/c. I would go to the dr. good luck.


Megan - April 15

I am sorry your answer was not what you wanted. Enjoy your drink and congrats on your promotion. Hope to see you again on this!


amy - April 16

Thanks Megan and thanks to the person who wrote "to amy", just wanted to let you know that it is definitely my period and no chance of pregnancy. I have an MD appt. on Mon. for post-op and hopefully she will give me some encouraging words for my chances for success in the future.. she is a wonderful MD and I am thankful to have her as my doctor. I hope all of you achieve the precious baby that you desire. I would not wish this anguish on even my worst enemy... success stories keep me hopeful and positive..good luck and much baby dust to all............



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