Faint Line On Ovulation Test

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K - July 26

I used a dollar store Ovulation Test. It says to wait 10 minutes for results. What does it mean when there's a faint line?


.... - July 26

it ,means that you are about ready to ovulate....get some bding done asap...


K - July 26

Awesome.. yehh the package said that if it is positive then you should ovulate between 28 and 48 hours.


J - July 26

I have been using Answer opk and ther is always a line...what does that mean? It is almost as dark as the other one too, pretty much matches it. It's been like this for 2 weeks.


LC - July 26

I have the same thing happening with me. Took one for the first time tonight and there is a very light line.....I have heard so many different things about what this means. Anyone know for sure??


K - July 27

Yeh I read that if it's faint it doesnt mean anything. But then I heard that it means you're ABOUT to ovulate


Deb - July 27

Ovulation tests will always show two lines cause there are always amounts of LH in your body. They way you know if it is positive is if the second line is MUCH darker or the same as the control line.


Chriss - July 27

K, Deb (the last post) is right. I've used Ovulation tests and this is how they all work! There is ALWAYS a second line, the test line must be as dark or darker than the first line, when you see this, you should O in the next 49 hours. You should continue testing every day until your test returns to negative though, just in case. I found that I got 3 positive ovulation tests in a row and depending on when you test this could happen if you catch it right at the beginning, the middle and the end. Good luck to you. The first time I used the Ovul tests, I got pregnant, sadly I had a m/c, but at least the test worked!!!


lena - July 27

Hi Ladies. I used a couple (3) OPK tests this month and I never had a second line. I had other o signs, though. The cramping and the cm. Does that mean that the LH in my body is very low? Therefore, hard to get an early BFP?


Lynette - July 27

Lena, you probably should have tested longer than that. I always thought I ovulated on day 14, but it turns out it's not until day 16. At least once you should buy heaps and start testing on about day 10 onwards. Also, the first month I used them I never got a positive and as it turns out (from other things that happened later) I didn't ovulate that month. I thought the tests were rubbish, but the next month I finally got a positive (so of course now I think they're brilliant). I have read though that some women's hormone levels never get high enough to register on the opk, but they still have ovulated. The only way to know for sure is to test for longer. Good luck! :-)


nancy - July 27

Hi Ladies, I just used OPK for the first time, i used the OPK from a dollar store and this is what the results that i got. I started testing last sunday and it was negative, it tested again monday it was also negative, then tuesday it was positive and today it was negative. It this possible that you could only have one day positive. Kindly help me with this coz this is my 1st time to use OPK's so i don't know if this is correct.


bump - July 28



bump - July 28

bump again


Lynette - July 28

Nancy, yes it is very normal to get only one day positive. It only detects the surge of hormone that then releases the egg into the fallopian tube (ovulation) so once it's done its job there is no surge anymore. Sometimes it's so fleeting that you can even miss the surge altogether if you are testing once at the same time each day because it may show up for only the time in between. Once you get the positive you should make sure you bd that day and the next (at least!) Good luck!


nancy - July 28

Thanks Lynette......it's really my first time to use OPK so i'm not really sure if i'm doing it right. But i guess i'm on the right track...lol....yes we did bd'ing a day before positive opk, then the day i got the positive and the day after. It's 3 days straight....so i really hope that i get pg this time. TTC for 16 months already, taking temps for the past 6 months and trying for OPK for the 1st time.


LC - July 29

After two days of faint lines on the opk, I got a dark line last night. I a__sume that means it is positive? We bd'd last night...should we continue tonight and the next? Once you get the positive line, then that is when you bd right? This is my first time using these and trying to not be confused about it all! Thanks!


nancy - July 29

HI LC....according to what i research...once you get a positive result you have to bd'ing for 3 straight days...so that's what i did...i got a positve opk last tuesday so we bd from tuesday to thursday....just to make sure there is enough good swimmers waiting for the release of egg.



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