Faint Line Then Period Then Faint Line Again What

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Test Queen - October 26

I need help! I was so excited b/c I was 3 days late w/AF so I took 2 tests both w/ positive faint line. Then the next day I got was seemed to be a normal period (clotting-decent flow), but on second day of AF I took another test (different brand this time) and again got a faint pink line--I don't know what to think-Is it possible that I could be pregnant? Can you get a normal period and be pregnant? I know this was not implantation bleeding (it was too much like normal period)


staci - October 26

test queen, if you got a 2nd line you are prob. pg, but it could be a miscarriage, or you are still pg just having some early bleeding....odder things have happend! i dont' want to get your hopes up because there could be something wrong....alot of women have chemical pregnancies, meaning the egg and sperm met and implanted but nothing formed...with chemical pg you usually get af on time or a few days late and most women don't even know that they were pg because they haven't tested yet....i would call your doc office and tell them what is going on and try to get in to get some blood work done...good luck!


Test Queen - October 26

Staci..Thanks! I know it's common sense to go to the doc, I guess I don't want to hear those words ---NOT PREGNANT! I feel like the ones who want it the most have to wait the longest! Thanks again!


Debs - October 26

Staci is right, this has happened to me, I had m/c, the hgc pick up was what was still in my body, but get it checked by the docs, there is still a small chance u could be pregnant. Sorry honey, its hard I know. I've been ttc for 11 months now, I understand the frustration and hurt. When we are ttc we test early, early m/c is very common. But lets face it we would'nt know we were pregnant if we left it like they did years ago. You would just think it was af.


nicole - October 26

I think you may have miscarried. Especially if you had heavy flow w/ clots, clots seem odd to have if you are pregnant. They suggest miscarriage in my opinion... I really think you should go to the dr. he can answer your questions


Test Queen - October 27

Thank you everyone for your insight! I love this forum!



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