Faint Or Evap

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kerilynh - February 14

ok, so I held it and held it and took a test just a few mins ago. My question, how long before an evap line shows if it is only an evap line. Within 1 minute a VERY VERY VERY faint (almost unseeable) line showed up. Barely discernable. Like the kind you get a flashlight out add extra light to try and see. I never seen an evap line on ANY of the pregnancy tests I have done, and trust me, I'm like a surgeon trying to find a pin hole looking at these things. For those who aren't stalking, I am 16dpo (almost 17) normal luteal phase is 13-14 days. O'd early, so technically not late until tomorrow or the next day, Cycles usually run 29-30 days. Now how the h__l am I going to sleep tonight? lol


krissy2006 - February 15

Does the line have color? at all? An evap line will USUALLY but not always appear after the time frame the test gives for you. If the line has any color to it at all I would say you can be very hopeful. Also evap lines are thinner than the control line and are an off white color without any tint from the dye in the test. :) Hope this helps!!! GL with FMU in the morning!


kerilynh - February 15

Looks like it was just an evap line :-( Af came rearing her ugly head through the night.


MammaJL - February 15

Sorry Kerilynh...Maybe you'll catch it next cycle.. Good Luck and Truck Loads of Baby Dust!


BrendaW - February 15

Hey Kerilynh- I seen that AF showed I am so sorry that sucks d__n stupid cycles lasting too long! I hate those


VenusdiMilo - February 15

Kerilynh, sorry girl...I was hoping that you would get a BFP this month....hang tight...your day is coming.


frozenfeet - February 15

so sorry about af kerilyhn!! I was really hoping and thinking you'd see that bfp! GL next cycle....get some bding in girl!!!


izechsmama - February 15

oooh.. Kerilynh i'm so sorry... are you charting? i just started and my AF came yesterday too.. we should be cycle buddies since we're both on CD 2 now... my chart is home/izechsmama


izechsmama - February 15

and actually the exact same thing happened to me as did you... i had an evap or faint positive whatever you will on Tuesday but AF came on Wednesday...



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