Faint Positive

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Maren - May 21

My dh and I are trying to concieve. Today AFP (did I get that right for period) was suppose to come. Have been wet since ovulation and nausea off and on. We (dh and I) thougth we saw a faint pink line today using first responce.


steph - May 21

from what I can gather, even a faint line is a positive!! so good luck to you both hope its good news. try again tomorrow? by the way, what does dh stand for? =0


jen - May 21

faint line = is positive! Test in the morning!! :)


Cutie - May 21

Steph, DH stays for Dear Husband, :)


steph - May 21



JN - May 21

Steph is right...even faint are positive!


to maren - May 21

not to upset you or put a damper on your faint postive, but first response seems to come up with a super faint line, and then disappears, i would suggest testing with a differant brand just to be sure...good luck, and with all your symptoms it does sound positive...congratulations!


Maren - May 21

Thats for the advice. I will test again in the morning. Has anyone else tested with first response and after faint positive had a neg. result later?? My other symptom is that my temp. is going up instead of down when I get up. And this afternoon my temp. is 99.0. Usually my temp. is really low, has gone down to 97.0, which is normal for me.


jj - May 21

Hey when i had a very faint line and coudn't tell if i was going crazy!!! i went and got the digitil test so i knew for sure... good luck baby dust!!!


to jj - May 21

What was your digital result??


to jj - May 22

I took the Clear blue digital and it came back with a negative. We'll see if AFP comes. If it doesn't by the end of the week I'll try again.


Maren - May 22

Maybe it is just to early, the clear digital test did show a faint blue line on the ejection strip.


Me too - May 22

I took a first response and got a faint line-and today nothing! I am pretty sure that I am!!!


jj - May 22

i used the walgreens drug store brand digital test!!! but wait a few days if the line was faint maybe u are early pregnant!!! try again tmw w FMU!!!


Maren - May 22

I hope I am, guess I will just have to wait. JJ what does tmw w FMU!!! mean. Me too I good luck to you! Let me know if you get a BFP!


Maren - May 22

Never mind, I deciphered it First Morning Urine tomorrow :)


jj - May 23

Hey just writting for an update?? did u use FMU???



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