Faint Positive And Negatives.

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WiseTD15 - June 22

Hello Ladies,

My husband and I have been trying for our 2nd baby for 2 months now. First month; no go. This month I have been feeling EXHAUSTED. Even with sleeping in, naps, and resting throughout the day. I took a test 7 days before my missed period and got a very very faint positive. (Sorry; I don't know the abbreviations.) I took another test the next day—negative. I took another one later that afternoon. Again, negative. Then I took one this afternoon because I can't hold my urine in the morning anymore. Same thing, negative. I have to go (6-7AM) before I'm ready to wake up at 7:30-8AM. I've been so discouraged with the negatives that I haven't been wanting to waste them. 

Im now 4 days before my missed period. I know everyone's first reaction to positive and then negative is Chemical pregnancy, but has anyone else experienced this and found out they were having a healthy pregnancy?

Other symptoms that I'm having besides exhaustion is lower back pain when I've been standing for too long, Holy Sahara desert cotton mouth in the mornings and throughout the day I'm thirsty, congestion, slight cramping for about 10-15 seconds randomly and not every day, extreme bloating like to where my typically loose shorts are now leaving marks on my hips, and I also had ungodly sore/tender breasts the day before I got the faint positive result.  Ive also been hungrier than normal, along with not being able to wait to pee in the mornings. My bladder is so uncomfortably full.

I didn't have any symptoms with my first other than slight cramping and missed period.


Ive contacted my DR the last 3 days with no call back, and google is the friggen WORST. I understand my "Am I pregnant?!" message isn't as important as other things she's probably dealing with which is why I'm asking here. 


Thank you in advance!



Grandpa Viv - June 22

You have some promising early signs but it's often a waste of money to test before your period shows up missing or light. A significant number of these early pregnancies don't stick, so you are best off summoning all the patience you can. Best of luck. 


WiseTD15 - June 24

Thank you. My DR called back today and I have an appointment for the day after my missed period. 


Fingers crossed. :)


WiseTD15 - June 28

Update: For anyone reading this that is experiencing what I am. I tested the day of missed period and again got a BFN (Big Fat Negative)!! I scheduled an appointment for the day after my missed period and got a BFP (Big Fat Postive) on the urine test. Just updating to give those of you who are as impatient as me with testing before your missed AF (Aunt Flo) some hope! Sending lots of baby dust you're way! Positive to negative doesn't have to mean Chemical Pregnancy, stay positive! 


Kat1321 - July 17

Thank you for posting your update. I tested light positive last week on 3 tests and the negatives or shadows of positives. Been crampy and period not due until Wednesday! ????????



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