Faint Positive But Neg Blood

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Michelle - April 3

This is Mich__le. I am still convinced I am pregnant even with negative blood test taken a little over two weeks from conception and numerous negative urine tests. My veiny br___ts just keep telling me--"we don't normally look like this". So last night I took two more within two hours of each other. One was an generic brand and one was Factplus. Nothing showed up last night so I just went to bed thinking I was going crazy. This morning-the generic brand was still negative but the Factplus has a very light pink line in it. I know they say--the results aren't accurate after 8-9 hours, but why would this pink line show up on that brand name one and not the generic one? Should I just call it a fluke or take another one? If so, how long should I wait--I had s_x the 12th and 13th of March-it is now April 3rd. [email protected]


Erin - April 3

Michelle, A faint line will very often show up after the time frame given on the box. This is called an evaporation line. You should not try to interperate any results after the time indicated on the box. If you still think you might be pregnant, I would test in another week. Sometimes it takes people 8 or 9 weeks before they will finally get a positive result. *baby dust*


jena - April 3

i agree with Erin - some tests even say not to look at them after 10 minutes because they will no longer be accurate. but, since you still haven't gotten your period normally and you had s_x during your feritle window, test again after you've waited as long as you can stand it :) oh - what kind of blood test did they do??? You want quant_tative - so they can tell you your exact hCG levels!! let us know what happens!


louise - April 3

www.peeonastick.com . some pregnancy tests have chemicals that react with the air causing them to go positive after the time alotted, which is why you should never trust a hpt after its time limit


Kim - April 3

I was in the same boat in December. I was convinced that I was pregnant. My blood test was negative and so were HPT. I thought I had all the signs of pregnancy. If your HCG levels in you blood work are low (I think below 4 or 5) then I am soory to say that you are most likely not pregnant. I wasn't. My doc put me on clomid this month and I am waiting to see if I am. However, I am not convincing my self that I am. It's devasting when you think you are and your not. My advice is to take care of your body eat right and enjoy TTC. Baby dust to you**********


bump - April 3




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