Faint Positive Line On 2 Test

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Trish - November 11

Hi all. I took 2 hpt and both came up with positive faint lines, but after 10 min. Then I tried another brand and only the neg. line. I even had my sister take a test and after 10 min she didn't get a faint positive line. Did this ever happen to anyone before and if it did, did you end up being pregnant? I was 4 days late this month and when af showed, it only lasted 2 days and very very light pink and brown...


Hi - November 11

Hi trish I took a couple of tests and they were neg. Then the day my af was supposed to come but didnt' I took a test and got a very faint positive. Took another one the next day and a little darker and so on and so forth. I've taken like 4 tests. but I'm definatly pg! Anyway- are they cheapie tests? sometimes that makes a difference. they say you shouldn't read them after 10 min. because it could just be and evaporation line youre seeing. I would buy a good test or a different kind and try again in a day or two.


Trish - November 11

Hi, thanks for your quick reply...they were internet cheapies, and the last 2 were Shopper Drug Mart brands and just the neg. line, so, I will wait for awhile and try again


Deb - November 12

The shoppers drug mart brand might not be as sensitive as the others. I used a clearblue digital from the states and it says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" so there is no guessing. You can get them in Canada, but they are about 25.00 for three tests and they show + or - (still the answer is in black and white). To be honest, I think they are worth the money, because you don't have to guess about faint lines. First response early tests are the most sensitive, but I have had some problems with false positives. When I got my BFP though, it was very evident that it was positive. Good luck to you.


to trish-fromA - November 12

trish what brand have you used? I just got my faint positives, but they came almost right away or with in the 5 minutes. I took two yesterday and two day. I used first response early results. and early pregnancy-tests. They say any thing after 10 minutes should be counted as a negative...so I would wait and test test again!


mellissa - November 12

trish- yesterday i took two $tree tests and after about 6 min they both had very faint lines. the 2nd one almost wasn't noticeable. with my last 2 pregnancies they showed up very dark.I had some light pinkish/brown spotting yesterday and the day before. af was due today. i took a clearblue digital test this morning and right away got the "pregnant" symbol!! i never thought i'd spend so much $$ on a test, lol... but it was worth it!!! at walmart they have them for $9.70 for a box of two. you should get one!!! good luck!!!


Nissa - November 12

Your PG!!!! Congrats!!!



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