Faint Positive Sign Preg Test

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waiting100 - February 27

ok, well I was thinking I could possible be preg cuz had s_x with dh on Valentines day with no condoms--well I took a preg test today and I got a faint positive - I have a 10 month old baby and when I tested with him, I got a faint positive also. I am going to test again first thing tomorrow morning. I have had a cold for about three days now and yesterday I took two doses of Motrin cold and sinus (different times of the day)--and theraflu nightime cold and flu -- I felt wired all day yesterday from all these cold medications and now If i am preg I am nervous that this might effect pregnancy--do you think it is way too early for any of that medication to effect pregnancy? I dont know if I should be excited or not - we really wanted to get pregnant this September so I could enjoy my summer - but if I am preg I will be due early November and I will have two babies, one will be a year and 7 months and a newborn--will these two be too much too handle or??? I am also excited on the other hand thinking that my kids will be close in age and since we only want two - i will officially be done in November of this year! Any feedback would be great. Thanks!


KSlavin - February 27

If you catch on early that you're pregos then you can slow down on the meds and choice the "better pregnancy meds", but for now it's early and if you're prego the baby is able to "ride it out" a lot better. It's like the say with alcohol... If you caught it early enough and stopped, the risks are low. I think you'll be fine. With dealing with all the babies under the age of 5... You're going to have your hands full without a doubt. Then again, anyone with kids until the age of 18 are always going to have their hands full. I have 2 boys (6 and 3) and while I love their independent natures, they can still drive me up a wall. With a good support system, family and friends... You'll do just fine (and yes, having them in the same age range is a benefit because they're be able to enjoy the same things around the same time) P.S. It doesn't matter how faint the line, if it's a positive.. You're pregers. Congrats waiting..



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