Faint Positive W Internet 20mUi Sensitivity

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chrysti - January 26

I am on day 35 of my cycle. I used clomid on day 5-9. I had an HCG injection on january 7th. Supposedly, my period should have arrived early because of the injection, not sure... my regular cycle is 36 days. If the injection was supposed to start my period early, I am late. If not, then I'm supposed to start tomorrow. I just did one of those really sensitive tests from the internet, and got a faint positive. I have used these tests many times, and never got a positive. Should I put any hope in the faint positive? My only other symptoms are milky discharge from va___a, and tender br___ts. Let me know if you can give me any advice, or have had similar experiences. I hope the positive really means something. I plan on testing with first morning urine tomorrow.


JENN - January 26



joni - January 26

chrysti when you take injections like that it can cause a false positive on an hpt. which is said to be common. i would want untill the end of the month and test again. hopefully im wrong and you are. baby dust to you


Aim - January 26

I too am in the SAME boat, havent ever used Clomid or anthing like that but just got a VERY faint positive with an internet test... I have only had neg. tests the past few days but positive today! Could this be accurate as they say? I'm going to test with a first response early result this evening or in the morning... what does everyone think? I have clear to milky discharge, SORE b___sts and few others...


joni - January 26

aim it may be likely that you are pregnant seeing that you are not on anything good luck . and chrysti look to the left side of this page click on am i pregnant then click on the underline words hcg levels in pregnancy it tells you about the injection giving false positives


chrysti - January 26

thanks for all of your replies. I tested about 10 times in the past few weeks, all very negative. so, since this one was slightly positive, I'm am very hopeful. I look forward to more replies, and similar stories. Thanks. good luck to all of you!


chrysti - January 26

Joni, I read the link you suggested. It says the HCG can stay in your system for up to 10 days. I had one Hcg injection 20 days ago. That was helpful...thanks!!


joni - January 26

im glad it was helpfully and you just might be one of the lucky ones. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you


tiffani - January 26

HCG injection causing a false positive?? I don't know, perhaps but.. your symptoms sure sound encouraging. Good luck! :o)


chrysti - January 27

still have a faint positive today! Still very hopeful. No AF, another good sign. I called the doctor. Hopefully we can verify tomorrow. Good luck everyone.


chrysti - January 28

i am pregnant!!!


Michelle W - January 29

Chrysti - congratulations. I just knew you were going to come back with a positive!!!



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