Faint Ve Am I Pregnant Or Not

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Anya - May 2

I am due today. No AF so far. I tested with $store brand ones last Friday, and got -ve. Saturday evening I accidentally saw the HPT I took on Friday. It had a light 2nd line. So, I took the test yesterday morning, and got the same faint line with in 3 minutes. From the postings on this site, I came to know that it could be a +ve or a wrong -ve. Please suggest! Am I pregnant or not?


Wow - May 2

As far as I could say, the test that you took on the Friday night should be desregarded cos you only saw the line the next day. But when you got a faint positive on Sunday (as long as you read it within the time frame) then it's a positive! I'll bet that if you test every other day you'll start getting a darker line as the Hcg homone doubles nearly every second day. All the best to you. I hope it works out really well for you.


vanessa - May 2

I too would say that you are pregnant.


Heather - May 2

I would say congratulations are in order! Congrats!!!


anya - May 2

Thanks Wow, Vanessa and Heather for responding my query. I am planning to test again on Wednesday.


motherof20 - May 2

Anya, I was due for af on April 24th and tested that day got a bfn and tested again on the 25th and thought it was a faint bfp; I was so sure it was a bfp I ran out and bought another test different brand (not pregnant) it didn't make sense because I was now 2 days late for af and I was so sure I saw a faint positive. I decided to wait another 2 days and test again. The ++++++++ positive was as clear as day - I would say if you saw a faint positive you probably are pregnant but wait until Thursday morning and use first morning urine. Good luck to you - baby dust


sm - May 2

A positive line is positive if it appears within 10 minutes, doesn't matter if it is faint. -ve does not always mean not pregnant but +ive is positive.


Nica - May 2

You are pregnant. Congrats (if that's what you want)!


Amanda - May 2

Anya~ I had a very faint positive test yesterday and a blood test confirmed it today. You are pregnant! Congrats!


Jenn - May 2

The same thing happened to me; I tried a bunch of different tests and got faint lines-- then I used the CVS store brand test and it was definitely positive! Try it!



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