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MelissaP - August 31

Ok...I took clomid cd 5-9. I read that clomid can cause a false positive on an opk. I took a test on cycle day 14 in the afternoon and it was negative. The test line was lighter than the reference line. The next morning before I left for work (cd 15) I decided to take another test. This time the test was positive. After returning home from work I decided to take another one just to make sure I was reading the test right and it showed another positive...so the husband and I got busy. I am now cycle day 16..and I still have a positive on my opk this morning, Do you think it's safe to say I am ovulating? I am worried that the clomid is causing a false positive....but I did have the negative test on cycle day 14 so that is gving me some hope. And I am having very uncomfortable, throbbing pains. So I think this might be it,


lillybug - August 31

Hey Melissa! from what I have noticed and read Clomid will cause a positive opk if the test is taken during the time you are taking the Clomid. so cd14 and 16 is safe. Also its said not to take opk test after you get that first positive one. Good Luck girl! I'm on cd5 and tomorrow is my last day on clomid


lillybug - August 31

A: Clomid (Serophene/clomiphene citrate) can cause a false positive in OPKs if taken too soon after finishing the prescription. According to most of the manufacturers you should wait at least 3 days before using an OPK. If you take Clomid days 3-7 you can begin testing on day 10. If you take it 5-9, you should wait until day 12. (found this on fertlityplus (ot) org)


MelissaP - August 31

Thanks for the info lilly! That makes me feel better =).I read too that once you get a positive, then you don't have to test after that..but curiosity got the best of me, and look what it did!..lol..made me paranoid.


MelissaP - August 31

good luck to you lilly. I hope everything works out!


POOF - August 31

well you know my opk story so i'm certainly no help, i got positive ones all the time lol thats why i had to start temping. did they say the throbbing is normal?


MelissaP - August 31

I read that ovulation pain can intensify with clomid...I googled it and a whole bunch of links came up, so I guess it is pretty common. I am fine now though.it was just a little yesterday and this morning.


Meelliissaaxo - September 4

hey melissap! i dont know if you remember me i was on the site while i was trying to get pregnant & just was thinking about you, i see your still trying.. im now 5 months pregnant with a little girl. & things look really good which is a big relief with the miscarriage before this pregnancy. Just checking to see how things are with you, you sitll working at the hospital? I'm still at teh same ol' local store in town.. my husband just got a new job that pays alot better so hopefully that will help with the expenses of our little bundle of joy! keep me posted with your test results! GOOD LUCK!!


MelissaP - September 4

Yes, I remember you Mel! Congrats on your pregnancy, and litte girl. How exciting. I am still at the hospital..I am working right now actually..and can not wait for the day to be over! I am going to San Francisco for the weekend. I will def keep you updated on my results. I plan to test around my wedding anniversary...which is Sept 16th! =)


lillybug - September 4

Hey Melissa! I love San Fran. I go every year and I even honeymooned there! I got a positive opk today on cd9 with a 1st response opk how are you


MelissaP - September 4

Hye lilly, I am great today! I know I got my first opk positive on cd 15...but I am going to buy more opks today to make sure it shows negative. I am feeling kinda bloated and icky in my stomach and had some cm...so its making me wonder if I haven't o'd yet. (I am cd 20 today) I am glad you got your positive..time to get busy girl!


BrendaW - September 5

Looks like you hit it on the mark melissa! Best of Luck!!!


lillybug - September 5

Hey Melissa....funniest call today was DH calling to ask "Ok if we bd last night do we have to skip tonight and then bd tomorrow night?" I was like HECK NO WE BD EVERYNIGHT...due to the positive opk last night. I will countinue to test with OPK until they go negative just to make sure yesterdays wasn't a false one. I know that clomid causing false positive but I believe that only when you test on the days u are actually taking the medicine


Meelliissaaxo - September 16

hey melissa! Its the 16th & i just got back to you, im sorry! i've been SO super busy i cant even think! Have you taken any test? I remember when i was pregnant, i was taking my OPK's & they kept showing positives & im like Jeez this cant be right or else im ovulating for a long time! but i read if your pregnant you will show positives on opks all along & sure enough i was! Good Luck!!!


MelissaP - September 16

Hey Melissa! No luck for me, I started af yesterday morning =(. And I'll be d__ned if I ovulated cd 17..the ONLY day I didn't bd! I bd'd cd 15,16, and 18. You think that would be enough, but apparently not. So...the husband just left to New Orleans for work and will probably miss this cycle as well. But thats alright. My doc already called in more clomid to the pharmacy for me so I am going to be ready


Meelliissaaxo - September 16

Eh, sorry to hear af showed her ugly face! Better luck next time! i dont know how you do it without your husband home, my husband works shiftwork & is on 11-7s this week & UH! i hate it! its soo cold already here in NY & i dont produce enough body heat to keep me warm, so i FREEZE at night with 3 comforters on my bed!


MelissaP - September 19

Hey Meelliissa-How are you..are you still hanging around?? All my girlies left me...well, I still talk to Bradswifey thru myspace. Poof went awol. She told me she has facebook..but i dont have that and it seems to complicated. Hope everything is going well with you!



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