False Positives Evaporation Lines

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Eve - February 18

Can someone get a false positive on a HPT? I am not on any medications at all. What is an evaporation line?


Lindsey - February 18

An evaporation line is a line that occurs after the time allowed to read the test. If you wait til after that time you could get an evaporation line or an incorrect reading. For instance, EPT says to read your results within 10 minutes. After that, the tests are not accurate and give evap lines. What kind did you take? Was it within the timeframe? Keep me posted!


Eve - February 18

I been using the little test strips you buy off the internet - I saw the faintest of faint positives within the 5 minute read time. When I waited until 20 minutes or later - the line was darker. So I am not sure what is going on. :(


Serenna - February 18

Eve: I also used the tests off the internet and got a vary vary faint line...hardly visble. I waited a couple days and did another test and just kept taking them in 2 day intrevals (since they were only .93 cents and i could afford to take one every other day..lol) Eventually they got darker... and today I am happy to say I am 10w5d. Good luck. Hope that helps


Eve - February 19

Serenna - congrats!!!!!! I am so glad for you!!!!! Did your early tests, the very faint ones, get darker the longer they sat?


Mel - February 19

I reveived false positives on First Response Early Result and Answer, which happen to both be made by the same company....I'm not sure about the test strips they seem to be fairly accurate


Serenna - February 19

Yes actually they did get a little darker as they sat due to the dye drying and dispersing properly. Hope that helps. Have patience as hard as that may be. Baby dust to you all.


Becky - February 19

Are Evap lines always grey? or are they sometimes the color of the ink that is used? (ie, blue or pink)


Serenna - February 19

In my experience with them they were the color of the test...ie blue pink


Serenna - February 19

How many weeks were you when you got a distinctly positive on a strip test?


Serenna - February 19

I was 5 weeks...about 4 days after my missed period


jenn - June 14

i have no clue, I took 2 ept hpt and both came up neg at first then later got a positive. i took one in the morning and it ran positive in the alotted time frame and the later ran positive about an hour later. Then I took them apart to view the color better and it was blue like the other line not a gray tint, but now I have started bleeding and my AF isn't scheduled to be here yet. so ..... i am as lost as you are.



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