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mellybee - August 18

hi everyone. ok,so my lmp was july 26. i'm very irregular and am not sure when & if i ovulate. (i have pcos) anywho, i have had a headache for going on 3 weeks now also w/ sinus congestion, stufy nose, etc. (however this is common 4 me,just not 4 this long) today i've been feeling nauseous. i have also been real sensitive 2 smells for about a week. hubby & i bd aug 15,16,9, & 10 & i believe possibly the weekend b4. would it be 2 early 2 take a test? i'm feeling unsure cuz i've taken so many in the past & we've been ttc for 9 years now. (no other 'symptoms' as of yet)


mellybee - August 18

oh yeah, i forgot 2 mention that i'm really constipated today. (sorry tmi) and real tired. i just took a 5 hour nap & feel like sleeping some more. i'm also still nauseous.


Naomi98 - August 18

If you don't know when you ovulated, it's impossible to know when you should test. Sorry.


clindholm - August 19

If you were ovulating during the time you were bd'ing- 8/9-8/16, I would try to test about 14 days after the last encounter- 8/30, good luck!


mellybee - August 19

thanks ladies for your resonses. so clindholm, would this then be considered the tww? (sorry,i'm not trying 2 sound dumb or frustrate you)


Grandpa Viv - August 19

Ttc and not temping yet? You have some OK signs - a test a couple of weeks after they began would be appropriate, with a repeat a week later. No lotion discharge, peeing more often, backache, b___b signs? Oh well, can't have 'em all! Good luck!


mellybee - August 19

actually, i also forgot 2 mention that yesterday and today i had some sharp shooting pains that seemed to come from within my right b___st and "shoot" out my nipple with a tingling sensation on top of the pain (if that makes any sense.) couple times today and a couple yesterday. my nipples seem 2 b a bit sensitive too, but i suppose it could also b from af. :(


clindholm - August 20

Yes, melly this is the dreaded 2ww! Viv suggested temping for next cycle (if you don't get your bfp this time) opk's are also an option to pinpoint ovulation. Good luck!


mellybee - August 21

i think i just might temp next time around if i don't get my bfp by 8/30 ke u suggested, clindholm. when during the month should i start that and opk's? i was also thinking of trying the instead softcups too. thanks for your help c :)


clindholm - August 21

You can start the tempting anytime to get an idea of what it would be like after O, it takes a few months to see your pattern. The opk's usually are started about cd10 b/c most ovulate around mid cycle or about 14 days before af. Good luck, maybe you won't need to even do it!


mellybee - August 21

wouldn't that be awesome?! also, kind of embarra__sing, but is constipation really a symptom? i still am and that is SO not like me. i also find myself trying to avoid strong smells, i feel like if i do smell something i'll puke (like at work my coworker likes to waft his saurkraut & brats over to me-it makes me instantly nauseous almost 2 the point of puking)


hoping##2 - August 21

Sound like this could be it!! Good Luck!! Those are all good symptoms.


mellybee - August 21

good luck 2 us both hoping##2


mellybee - August 21

i'm starting 2 feel negative now cuz i'm having period- like cramps. they started kind of strange though. i felt the pain all across the front of me and it was sort of a bubbling, achy feeling. i usually have bad cramps on one side or the other but not on both when getting af. ok,so right now i'm getting some cramping on the right side. i also had a pinching feeling behind my left nipple.



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