Feel Like Baby Kicks

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Neiky - April 14

My stomach is getting bigger and bigger! I'm feeling what I believe to be "Kicks". I recently went to the doctorand my test came out NEG, so she thought that maybe it was my thyroids, but the results for that came back NEG! So she suggested that I take these certain pills to make my period come on then start the birth controls. So I told her that I really feel that I am pregnantand also that there were too many symptoms of pregnancy. she told me to take another HPT and I did...this time I saw a faint Positive! During these past few days I've been feeling like...littlie kicks in different areas in my stomach! I just know that I am not crazy! So I plan to demand an ultrsound! I don't know why docors these days do nOT believe us ladies...we know our bodies better than anyone but God! It want even take long to whip out some jelly and put the monitor onto our belly. GOODNESS! Any way. Keep your fingers crossed ladies..cuzz I think that this is it! Oh yea...mind you...I look like I am between 5 or 6 months pregnant! So something is going on here I know!


Melissa S. - April 14

Congrads if you are pregnant!!! That is so wonderfult to hear. How far a long do you think you are?


Neiky - April 14

Not really sure, but I took another pregnancy test this morning and I got another "faint" positive! My doctor said yesterday to take another test this morning because you get better results. Anyway I go in today for blood test. Cross your fingers for me Melissa!


kim - April 14

2 faint positives and all the signs. Sounds pregnant to me. I have my fingers crossed for you! Good luck. You may be pretty far along by now. I never felt kicks early on, not until 4th month.


To everyone - April 14

Hi, it depends on how many time you been pregnant. Some women feel kicks very early in pregnancy. I felt my first baby move at 4 months and my second at 4 weeks.It also depends on your size. Smaller women feel the baby earlier.It depends on the woman.....Two positives equal pregnant. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!


To neiky - April 14

When was your last af(period)?


Neiky - April 14

thanks everyone on the congrats! And to be honest about the last time of my period...I can't even remember. I should right these things down,huh. It's just that they are sooo irregular. I sometimes skip 3 months straight, then it comes on for 1 month, then I skip for 2 months, then it comes on again for 1. This has been going on for bout 9 years! I know. So I can't really go off my last period. Well I will see the doctor today at 1pm for blood tests to get a more accurate result. They don't lie! and I will definately let you lovely ladies know! You guys have been real sweet so here's a BIG....THANKS! Keep in touch


Jessica - April 14

My friend always tests negative with her preg. test. and her last preg. she was told she wasn't prego, to it was a tubal to she was going to lose her baby and have a miscarriage to being pregnant with Twins..so trust your instinct. "Us ladies" aren't always right...but as you can see neither are those doctors. Good luck with your dr. appoint.


sonia - April 14

I am so happy for you !! Yes i do believe you good luck



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