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littlebee - February 22

I don't really have a question, I'm just feeling a little blue right now. I guess I'm just looking for some support. My husband and I have been ttc since July (at which time I stopped my bcps), and obviously have not yet been successful. At one point I started to try and chart, but just ended up driving him and myself nuts. Around that time I also had a few strange periods (very short, late, and brown) and kept thinking that I may be pregnant, only to end up at the doctor and find out I'm not. Ever since that happened, I just keep trying not to even think about the whole ttc thing, but every once in a while it pops into my mind and I can't help but feeling depressed. Then my husband will say something like, "Don't worry. I heard that it took someone at my work 13 yrs before she got pregnant, but she eventually did", which just ends up making me feel even worse. Sometimes I wish I could just give up and forget about it, but I can't get it out of my mind.


LIN - February 22

(((hugs))) I know exactly how you feel, and I hope it doesn't have to last too much longer for you. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster that won't stop and let me off. Ttc can strain even the best and closest of relationships and drive even the most patient people mad. Hang in there. Your time will come. As for your husband's comment, just remember that he means well. There will always be someone who'll tell you about their friends who decided to adopt and immediately got pregnant or their cousin who took a vacation to Hawaii and got pregnant because she wasn't thinking about it. Again, they mean well. Husbands are in an especially tough position, because they're men and have a hard time comprehending the emotions we go through in the process. Just remember that it's also hard on him, and for many men their way of dealing with it is to try to b__w it off as something that they know will just happen. He's struggling through it too. Best of luck to you both! Chin up!


nino3 - February 22

Hi littlebee. I have been ttc for a year and a half now and nothing. I can relate to what you are going through right now because i went through the same thing. Its bad when you want something really bad and month, after month it doesnt yet happen. Ive been to the 2week wait where im all excited and get pg. symptoms but nothing. Ive been devastated for a year and a half every time i get af. My best friend just found out she was pg with her second. She got pg. the second month of trying and here i am, a year and a half and still nothing. Anyways, my husband tells me its because i am still not ready. He says God will know when the time comes and ill get pg. I will be 31 years old in a few months and always dreamed of having 3 but every year that pa__ses, i will get happy with only one. Good luck to you and youre not alone. Baby dust to you.



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