Feeling HOT Is That A Pg Symptom

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mommy2cuties3 - October 19

I have suddenly started feeling episodes of being HOT.. like hot flashes. Is that a pg symtom? Or something else. And please dont say menopause.. im only 25! lol


jessicaspatherapist - October 19

lol...yes it is one of the signs...you're wayyyy too young for menopause!


mommy2cuties3 - October 19

i have never had hot flashes as a pg symptom.. thats why im so confused.


mommy2cuties3 - October 19



KITKAT01 - October 20

Every pregnancy is difrent hope it is a sign good luck


jeni23 - October 20

lol funny you say hot flashes,ive been getting those really bad especially at night,which i cant remmember a time being this hot since i was 9 moths prego with my 2nd,especially since its snowing here lol,let me know what happens mommy2cuties3 baby dust!!!!!!!!!!TO ALL


misschrissie - October 20

That was actually my FIRST symptom. I had no idea at the time that I was pregnant though & thought I was going through early menopause... at 30. LOL


Leahp - November 1

wow, never thought that was a sign but I got a verrrrrrrrrry faint line yesterday, but now that you mention it, this whole past week I've been wondering why the heck I start sweating and getting extremely hot! I'm only three days late.


lawlady72 - November 1

I thought it was an early pg symptom, but think maybe it was just a normal pms symptom for me which I never really noticed until I was ttc and a___lyzing EVERYTHING! Because I've gotten hot flashes and my face felt really warm and flushed like 1 week before AF for at least the last 2 cycles. Weird.


kay76 - November 1

i posted on this a while back and didn't get any responses...it was under "night sweats"...this is weird because earlier this week I had about 3 nights in a row where I woke up damp from sweat and that doesn't usually happen. I remembered it happening when I found out I was pregnant in the past. But, like lawlady said, it may be something that has been a PMS thing all along and I'm not noticing it until ttc...? Oh, and it hasn't happened the past 2 nights and I am due for AF Sunday or Monday...


kay76 - November 1

if this was a symptom of early pg for anyone was it constant before you got a BFP or did it come and go? I've been having more cm than usual too, but today am pretty dry. I guess i am afraid when any symptoms at all start to fade, that that is a bad sign.


Grandpa Viv - November 1

Hot flashes are caused by surges of progesterone, which can occur as an early sign of pregnancy. Good luck!


misschrissie - November 1

Mine came and went. I would all of a sudden be really hot and my cheeks were flushed. That was about a week before I got my BFP. I had no idea what it was, didn't a__sociate it with pregnancy because I was not ttc. It was in hindsight.


Erin1979 - November 1

I didn't notice hot flashes right away when I was PG...but later on, I was hot ALL the time!! haha


nacarada78 - November 2

Oh! Two night ago I woke up sweating as if I had fever. Really hot. Yesterday and today, during the day, I had moments of feeling hot as If I had fever. What is this is a sign?? How exciting!



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