Feeling The Pain

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..sigh.. - July 12

Hey everyone! I have been visiting this site for a week now, and reading many of the posts. Seems that it IS indeed a small world out there after all :) I am almost three weeks late now.. and have had two neg HPTs so far. I am really reluctant to test with another as the second one I tested on I was fer sure that it would be positive, as I have had some really blunt symptoms of pregnancy to go along with no cycle in June. I have Googled until I am google-eyed... and am frustratingly afraid to report that I am TOTALLY agitated lol I have always had positive results in using home pregnancy tests, as with my first born and my twins :) BUT now I am just not sure whether I have slipped into that percentile where it doesnt work so well this time around or what. I have always had regular periods....... and at 33yrs old, I am yet to see a month where I am late.. only early if anything. Until now anyway. I have had really sensitive (SORE actually) br___ts for about a week now..as well as headaches and dizziness. Thing is... is I dont usually have any signs or symptoms before I start my period... and am really not sure I can chalk this up as just symptoms of the onset of a cycle. SOO....Anyhow I wanted to drop in and reveal yet another case of AM I OR AM I NOT. Hubby is urging me to not take to heart the neg. results and go to the docs... but at the moment I am a bit downhearted, and as someone else said on another thread here... I just dont know if I am up for yet another negative. :| Good Luck to everyone here! AND hopefully soon we will ALL know whats going on lol :p


jasmin - July 12

you have indeed voiced what many others feel.however the only thing i could say is that try to keep yr mind off things and let things be and then it makes things easier.i also feel agitated and frustrated but try to keep myself very busy,hope i can help in some ways


cindy - July 12

hey it will be nice to go to the hospital good check ups. i also have a new experience in my life where by my periods are late by almost 3 weeks now and i've backach and lower abdominal pain but i don't vomit. now i don't know if i'm pregnant or not.



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