Feels Like A Uti But It S Not

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robin - September 4

I went to the Dr. at 10 dpo because I was getting this pain around what i thought was my bladder. If I didn't pee every hour i got this sharp radiating pain very very low in my abdomen. The Dr. did a UA and said everything was normal. He also did a pelvix exam and cultures and I don't have any infections. This couldn't possibly be pain caused by implantation could it? I should be getting af the 6th but I am hoping to be pregnant. Anyone with an answer would be appreciated...thank you.


Junie - September 4

I am going through the same thing too. I am expecting af 2morrow or tuesday the latest . Since 4-5 days ago I started having this sharp and pinching pain right under my belly b___ton and my lower abdomen feel bruised and sore. I also have af-like period on and off. My back is killing me. I am waitting to test tomorrow. I'll let you know. The best of luck and Baby Dust to you!!!


mellissa - September 4

i have been getting the same pains you're talking about robin...only i started getting mine at 8 dpo and they lasted to 10 dpo. I went to the er and they also did tests and found everything normal. the pains don't happen anymore so i don't know what's going on. I'm testing on the 7th....Junie...I really hope you get a bfp...if you do make sure to let us know!!! last night i couldn't get to sleep because my lower back was hurting so bad...i hope it's not all in my head!!!


rachypoo - September 4

i am in the same boat had this since 5dpo and im 7 dpo and getting it now feels like a uti but not, im not peeing alot neither. hoping its implantation.


uk - September 4

hi. my peeing has also increased with a pain, so it couldbe implantation or the uterus begnning to stretch?? good luck


rachypoo - September 4

yeh i only get the pain when i need to pee really bad its like my bladder is under pressure from something. its gone now since i went to pee


HELEN - September 4

I'm due af on the 10/11 when are you thinking of testing ?


mellissa - September 4

for the two days i had the pain it would get stronger and stronger until i finally peed. then it would go away...but about 45 minutes it would come back and so on...since my urine came back fine, i wasn't worried that my back pain had to do with my kidneys or anything so i'm hoping it's a pregnancy thing. i'll find out soon enough!! good luck everyone!!!


rachypoo - September 4

me 2 i get the same thing so im testing in a week


Caring21 - September 4

Two weeks ago I had what I thought was a Uti with even blood in my urine and they gave me antibiotics anyways so we'll see...


robin - September 4

okay...i'm getting those pains again...this is so weird. it's soooo low in my abdomen. i can't think of what it can be other than my bladder...it's right around my pubic bone...i wonder if it's too soon to test...hmm...i'm 12dpo..


to robin - September 5

no do a test i am going to do 1 11dpo thats on thursday


11amanda - September 28

Robin I am curious to find out if you are pregnant as I had the exact same symptoms and went to the doctor as well but too early to tell for pregnancy.... let me know :)



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