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KELLYR - January 21

I am 8 days late for my period - although i have only been off the pill for a few months so not exactly sure about my cycle length yet. Three weeks ago I had mild, dull, pulling like cramps on both sides of my abdomen and very sensitive and sore nipples. Then about 2 weeks ago I started to feel a bit queesy on and off especially when stomach empty. Last week I started getting increased cervical mucus (similar to when ovulating- very wet, thin and stretchy) I was also very irritable on a couple of days (usually a sign my period will come within 24 hours) and I kept getting these strange 'pulling' sensations in my abdomen again coming and going in waves throughout the day. Ever since about 9 days ago(when i think my period was due ) I have been feeling like my period is going to start any second (like a wet feeling down below) but every time i go to the toilet nothing there except for occaisonal thin wet mucus. I did a pregnancy test on Thursday (5 days after period due) It was a digital clear blue 5 days early test, but it came up negative. Still no sign of period though, what do you think about my symptoms? I know they are things that are common before period but would n't I have started by now- I've been getting these symptoms for over 2 weks. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kelly from Norwich UK


LIN - January 21

It sounds like you may be having an anovulatory cycle. It could also be that the sore nips and cramps you had a few weeks ago were symptoms of your body trying to ovulate without actually succeeding, and then the mucous and cramps you had a week ago were due to ovulation. All you can do is wait. It's not uncommon for women to have a normal period or two after quitting the pill and then have her cycles go awry. The hormone changes of quitting the pill can wreak havoc on your body. Try testing again in another week. If you're still getting negative tests and haven't gotten your period yet, then contact your doctor.


vistagirl81 - January 22

. I am 2 weeks late and i am having the same problem,,, 6 BFN.., about a week before my cycle i always feel if coming and i did except no cycle.. the pain was there, the pulling in my lower belly..urinating alot.The pain has went away but it comes back ever so often... I would like to know what id going on with my body .



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