Felt Period But Was Pregnant

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kisha - May 16

i've been trying for 2 months to get pregnant i'm 2 days late and it feels as throuh my period is coming but nothing has dropped yet have any of you experienced this and ended up being pregnant?


kisha - May 16

anyone plz help


hi - May 16

i have never been pregnant, but it seems as a lot of women describe what you are describing and turn out to be pregnant. Can anyone who has been/is pregnant verify/deny this for Kisha please.


KC - May 16

I think you should take a home pregnancy test. Do you have any other symptoms? Sore b___sts, nausea, heightened sense of smell, etc. Check out some of the other sites that have symptoms, that might be helpful.


kisha - May 16

i have sore b___st but if i am pregnant its very very in the beginning am i supposed to have "common" symptoms?.. is feel period cramps one sign?


Hannah - May 16

Yes, feeling like you are "getting" your period is a sign of pregnancy. You may become bloated and feel some cramping as if you were about to begin your period. If the cramping becomes severe, you may need to see a doctor. But other than that, it is one of the signs of pregnancy. The cramping comes from the uterus stretching. You do not have to have the "common" symptoms to be pregnant. All women respond differently in pregnancies. But there is usually some type of symptom or symptoms that indicate you may be pregnant such as for you Kisha, the cramping, sore b___sts, and late/missed period. :) Good Luck to you!!


Hannah - May 16

Thanks, THanks to all.. Well c i guess When would i been ovulated does anyone know i got my period on 4-14 for 7 days


kisha - May 16

ooh and today i feel like urinating more today then normal


Hannah - May 16

If your last period began on 4/14 (you would count that as day one) and if you had around a 28 day cycle (depends on how long or short your cycles are) then you should have ovulated 4/27-5/1. You may have ovulated earlier or later than that. It doesn't necessarily mean that you exactly ovulated between 4/27-5/1. Hard to say. :)


Keisha - May 16

My LMP was 4/17/05. My period was due Saturday, it has not come yet. I feel as though it is coming but it is not. We had intercouse 4/29 and 4/30. I should have been ovulating between 4/30 and 5/1. I actually felt it on 4/30. When I ws preg with my son I thought my period was coming for 2 weeks. Then reality set in! So n answer to your question yes. You can feel as though your period is on the way...but it may not be. Best wishes!


kate - May 17

i also have been trying for 2 months...but i have some symptoms--but i am really dry down there....has anyone been dry down there and been pregnant..atleast dry in the beginning? aslo when do you get these veins??? and where??? i have a few on my chest and upper thighs--???but i am so fair skinned---who knew if they were there before and i never noticed?


Nicola - May 17

Hi Kisha, I got my bfp last week, the week before I was convinced af was coming. I had really bad stomache and back cramps as well as the usual headaches. So you may be having symptoms of pregnancy. Maybe you should test, please let us know how you get on.


kisha - May 17

Well i just wrote to tell you ladies that i am pregnant i took 3 test yesterday.. i feel cramps, and sore b___st, no brown discharge (yet) if i'm suppsed to get it.. no naseua yet. ..


Keisha - May 17

Congrats to you Kisha and Nicola. I need to go take a test but I am kind of scared. I think I will be disappointed with a BFN. I've been running back and forth to the bathroom only to see the same dry "Always" napkin! AF was suppose to be here on 4/14/05.


Mimi - May 17

I felt as if I was starting my period. I was 4 days late and really thought I was going to start. I took a preg test and it was positive! I am now 24 weeks with my first!!


kd - May 17

I keep having little twingy cramps, I'm supposed to start AF tomorrow or thursday but I was sure I had IB earlier this month. Just took a hpt and it was a big fat BFN. I guess it was too early anyway. I will try again. Everything I have read seems to say that you can feel just like you are about to start your period and be pregnant. I bursted out crying last night for something my husband said that usually would not have made me cry. He was so confused. I was thinking WHOA HORMONES, but then again it could just be pms. Congratulations to Kia and Mimi!


KIM - May 18

CONGRATS TO THOSE WHO ARE PREGNANT !!!!!!!what other signs did you have....i guess the late-missed period is the best sign--a strange question can you be dry down there and be pregnant--well not very very dry but lets say not wet ????



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