Felt Preg But Now I Don T Mean Anything

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Newly Wed - July 12

I am a newly wed who became pregnant on the honeymoon, but miscarried almost three weeks later. About two weeks after that (June 4), I believe I became pregnant during that ovulation period. I had "all" the symptoms... sore br___ts, the little bumps around the nipple, some cramping when I change positions at night, VERY tired, etc. My period was due on a June 18 (I am very regular). The 18th came... nothing. The 19th... nothing. 20th... nothing. 21st... light bleeding that lasted about three days (wasn't like my period type bleeding). The thing is, once the bleeding started, I didn't really feel any symptoms anymore, except being tired and needing to urinate frequently. I took a preg test on the 24th (7 days after period was scheduled to come), and it was neg. I am wondering about it all, because of all those symptoms before the bleeding, and the fact that I didn't bleed much. So, logically, I think I am preg. But yet, why don't I feel it any more? The past couple days, my nipples have been a little sore again, but I am afraid to believe that it is because I am pregnant. I just don't want another dissappointment. Also, is a little bleeding off and on (pink when you wipe) normal? I am wondering if I have a bladder infection as well. Are the symptoms for that similar to pregnancy symptoms? Sorry... that's a lot of questions.


Jess - July 6

Wow the same thing is happening to me. A week before my bleeding I was feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy (bloating, cramping, heaviness, hot-flashes, peeing alot and nausious). The I started bleeding three days before my period and it was lighter and shorter than my normal cycle. I had period-like cramping the first day of my bleeding and mild cramping for a week before that. After bleeding the cramping seemed to dissappear and the need to pee seems to have decreased. I have taken three urine tests and one blood test and all say neg, but I still feel bloated at times and nauious and have dry heavs when b__wing my nose or brushing my teeth and other times. I sometimes feel really hungry and other times I don't. My symptoms are confusing. I thought I had a bladder infection but I didn't. So I am not sure I guess if I am or not.


Newly Wed - July 7

Frustrating, huh? I had cramps for about two weeks befre bleeding, but once the bleeding started, the cramps were gone. I wondered if I miscarried, but the bleeding just wasn't heavy and thick enough for that, and there was no clotting either. And the fact that there was no cramps doesn't fit into the miscarriage thing either. So maybe I wasn't pregnant t begin with... but then why all the symptoms???? yada yada yada.... Hair pulling frustration.


Jess - July 10

Tell me about it. For the past two days I have been feeling as if my period is about to come (tired, cramping and ga__sy - lol) but my period isn't due until july 19th. After having all those tests, I am starting to wonder whether I am still pregnant. A friend of mine who is a nurse figured that I had a early miscarriage - but like you it wasn't really heavy and no clotting and just period like cramps on the first day of bleeding. So I am not sure anymore - lol.


carrie - July 12

i think i would try taking another pregnancy test. It is possible to have pink spotting in pregnancy at first.



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