Fertile Day Amp Ovulating Day Question

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Trish - May 20

I have a question about the fertile days and the day you ovulate.Maybe someone can help me with it.The day you ovulate is that number 1 day you have to have s_x?An what about the fertile days,why do you have s_x on them days?


to Trish - May 20

articles tend to say tat sperms live for abt 5 days & the egg is only 24hrs. however, situations may vary due to our lifestyle. therefore, eg the sperms may not live tat long then. therefore if u make love durin the fertile days, alternate it, then the chances to be pregnant is high. It is better to hv the sperms hanging around :) when the egg is there than the egg waits for some survival swimmer/s. gd luck!


unsure - May 20

so if i had s_x a day or 2 before i ovulated is there still a chance that i could have conceived?


bump - May 21



Cee Bee - May 21

Yes - in fact I am told that you should have s_x a day or so before ovulation as it can take a day or two for the sperm to travel. Then every second day thereafter (usually 8-10 day fertile period). That's what I've been told but we are all different...


Grandpa Viv - May 21

The day before ovulation is the most fertile. Several days before and the day of ovulation are also good. EIther side of that it drops off.


PSH - May 23

Who is Grandpa Viv? Are you a doctor? It seems like you know an awful lot, more than us women that's for sure.


stephy - May 23

ovulation feertil window last about 3-4 days.. 1 day after and 1 day before gives you a total of 6-8 days


moe - May 24

what days are u supposed to ovulater from your period?? I see that poeple say after 8 days what after 6-8 days? I am just a little confused, can someone please explain to me the most fertile days somewhere before or after your period?? thanks


to moe - May 24

Every woman ovulates on different days--there is no set time all women ovulate. Many women ovulate on about the 14th day of their cycle--count day as the first day you started your bleeding (from your last period). There are ways that you can figure when you personally ovulate, you should chek out the links on this site for more info. These include taking your temperature, tracking your cervical mucous changes, and even buying ovulator predictor kits.


Cat - May 24

How long the sperm can live depends on the quality of the sperm and the quality of your cervical fluid. The more fertile your fluid, the longer the sperm can survive awaiting an egg. The egg, however, doesn't live very long--24 hours is a good estimate. So, the fertile days are the days leading up to and including ovulation--this may be 4-5 or just 2-3 days depending on the quality of sperm and cervical fluid. If you have a 28 day cycle (counted as first day of period until day before bright red blood of next period), you could ovulate almost anywhere within your cycle, but 14 is only an average. If you were trying to get pregnant and a__sumed you ovulated on day 14, but really ovulated on day 18, you could miss your window. The longer your cycle the more likely you ovulate after day 14, since the time between ovulation and the start of your next period tends to be a fairly reular period of time for each person (8-9 on the short side 14+ on the long side, not longer than 18 usually). If you'd like to know more precisely when you ovulate, you can check your cervical mucus and take your morning temps. Check the website to find out how. It's not difficult.


??? - May 24

if you are having problems working out when you are fertile try this..... the day you finish your period make love, then make love every other day until your next period is due, if your next period does not turn up do a test, if it is negative wait 7 days then do another test, if it is still negative and your period has not arrived make an appointment with your dr. good luck


WOODS - August 5



Chriss - August 5

In order to predict when you ovulate you should start tracking your cycles. If you have a regular cycle it will be easier to predict O. On a thirty day cycle, count back 14 days from the date that you expect your next af, your O day should be around this day, start bd'ing about four days before this, every second day for a week, so start bd'ing on CD 14, every second day until CD 21 or 22. This should heljp. Some women also track their temps with BBT or using Ovul Test Strips. I've used these before and got pregnant the first time I used them. They also told me that I O'd later than I actually thought I did. I have a 30 days cycyle and thought I O'd on day 16, when in fact I O on day 18. It may change and it is different for every women and every cycle. Good luck and I hope this helps!!



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