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jenn - September 29

if I had unprotected test on the 24 and my fertile days started on the 27 could I have become pregnant?


hmm - September 29

I think it is a posibility...when is your AF due?


jenn - September 29

oct.15 is my next period


to jenn - September 29

sperm can live in healthy cm for up to 72 hours, so it could be possible...or wait...i might be confused, or sperm can live in the uterus for up to 72 hours, the bottom line is...it could be possible to have become pregnant...also if i am way off on this, then someone can correct me, but i think that this is what i have read on here before, but if i am corrected, please do it in a nice way...i have already admitted that i might not have my information correct, thank you. good luck to you jenn


jenn - September 30

Thankyou, I hope I am.


Baby Sox - October 2

HI, Jenn. I am wondering the same. I had s_x on the 24th and my fertile days started on the 26th!!! I have read that sperm can live 5 days in the right environment. I just wonder if the "right" environment is a fertile one. If that is the case, I wonder if we could be fertile a little before we know we are fertile. Do you use cervical fluid or ovulation predictors to determine fertile days? I just go bu cervical fluid. I'm glad I read this! Should we wait it out together?


ASH - October 2



Baby Sox - October 2

I think SPerm dies as soon as it dries, right? So it must be 3-5 days inside the body. Anybody know what conditions would have to be for it to live that long?


Baby Sox - October 2

Sorry, I'm half asleep! I thought your post said outside the body, Ash. Sorry! Everything I've read has said three to five days "in the right environment" but they never go on to say what the right environment is. I have also never been ableto find out if fertility begins a little before ewcm is detected. Any more info!


me - October 2

hi baby sox what dpo are you?


Baby Sox - October 2

Hi,again, me. I am 6 dpo, I think. I ovulate a little early. I have a very long wait- af is due around the 13th or 14th. It seems like forever and I don't think it is very likely, but I'm hoping. We had s_x 4 or 5 days before O.


me - October 2

how long are your cycles baby sox? my af is due 10th or 11 and i ovulated on the 27th 28th which is normal for me for day 8 or 9


Baby Sox - October 3

hi, me. My cycles are 27-30 days. I usually ovulate around day 10-12. I think Ovulation was on the 27th or 28th. We had s_x late on the 24th. I am waiting for Oct 12-15. Wish me luck! And good luck to all of you!


Ebony - October 3

Can i wait with you guys???? I ovulated around the 30th September, my AF is due on the 14th October, just starting my 2ww!!


baby sox - October 3

Welcome, Ebony. Do you have any symptoms or feelings about this month?


bev - October 4

I wonder too. Is it possible?


b - October 4




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