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Chas - August 9

Anyone use this online to chart their temps ?? Any sucessful pregnancies come of it? how long did you chart before get a bfp? Just started charting temp and needed some input. Thanks :)


jue - August 9

I have been using FF for 3 months and got my first faint BFP on 29th july and I did a second hpt today for confirmation and got another BFP. I am now 5 weeks pg and due 19th April 06. make sure you temp at the same time each day after either 3 hours sleep or a full nights sleep. don't eat,drink or smoke before you do you temp as this with throw your temps off. good luck and don't give up :)


Chas - August 9

Thanks jue and Congratulations to you ! I hope it works out for me!


b - August 10



Julie - August 10

Chas. I just started it this month, its been very interesting to me, it seems I ovulate at a different time than I thought. I am 3-4 days from period due date, so we'll see. I'm having some strange symptoms, but I also want to conceive desperately so am probably fabricating them all. If the little men come with a white jacket what should I do??? Sorry for the sarcasm, if i don't start laughing about this craziness of waiting and wondering, I WILL be crazy!!


Chas - August 10

Hi Julie! I know what you mean, it will drive you crazy!! I think that has been my problem, I am ovulating early and doing the bd at the wrong times !! FF is helping so far... we will see at the end of this cycle how it goes. I'm not really going to try to hard this month. Next month we are going on vacation for our 7 year anniversary, so we plan to work on it then !!


KellyN - August 10

I've been using it for a couple of months, and it is wonderful!!!! No bfp for me, yet though, but I have PCOS and am on hormone therapy and other meds, so it will be a bit harder for me to get a bfp anyway. Doing my temps sure cleared up a lot for me. Good luck to you guys! -kelly



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