Fertility Monitor Vs Ovulation Predictor

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stepmommel - May 3

I'm confused about the difference between the fertility monitors and the ovulation predictors. Can anyone fill me in on the difference? Is the monitor really all that helpful or is it a waste of money???


Lin - May 3

I've never had one, but based on the price I'd say there's no point in spending the money. Opks are no less accurate and cost a LOT less if you buy them in batches online. Even my doctor said not to bother spending the money for the expensive stuff.


stepmommel - May 3

Can you suggest where to buy the batches of the OPKs on line?


tish - May 3

if you temp and use opk's or just use opk's you will get mostly the same results. especially if your cycles are irregular because the monitor gets to know your cycles and that is one way it helps detect O, but if you are irregular it is basicaly an overpriced opk. it can't predict a pattern if there isn't really one. i would just say to pay attention to your cm, opk's, and your body and you should be fine.


Lin - May 3

You can get them on lots of websites, but try Ebay. That's where I buy them. I've always gotten the best deals there. I've even bought some from the people at early-pregnancy-tests.com on Ebay for cheaper than what they sell them for on their website.


heart_nurse - May 3

I'm using the clearplan fertility monitor for the first time this cycle, and so far I've had a much more relaxed month with it. I didn't have much luck with opks, since my cycles have been quite long and confusing. So far this month, I'm actually starting to see that my problem ttc might be short LPs. I'm ovulating cd24, abd having LP <10 days. If this ends up helping me diagnose the problem it could really save us some time ttc! I'd say it depends if you have very regular cycles and are good with charting, go with cheap opks. If you have a schedule that doesn't allow alot of spare time to waste on charting, go with the fertility monitor. Best of luck!


twotimesthecharm - May 3

I really love my CBFM. It has been better than OPK. It detects those subtle changes in hormones that informs you that your body is enter a fertile phase and then the Peak gives you the closest pinpoint of ovulation. The neat thing about it is that you can actually see the stick lines change from your dominate estrogen-follicular stage to when it drops off the LH line darkens deeper. I have used the OPK and spent a lot of money every month. I bought my CBFM on the internet ebay for $53 and it was money well spent. The lady who sold me her monitor used it for one cycle and got preggo. Since using the monitor I have had 2 chem pregnancy, just hoping one sticks. I starting using the monitor 4 cycles ago. Check out ebay.


stepmommel - May 4

Thank you guys for your input. It was very helpful and I appreciate it all!



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