Fibroids Related To Missed Period

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Ginger - March 31

Can having uterine fibroids make you miss your period? Would they make you feel like you are having fetus movement? I would really like to know. Please any info woul dbe greatly appreciated.


D - March 31

how far along do you think you could be?


Ginger - March 31

about 13 weeks I quess


Coco - March 31

Ginger are u actually pregnant or u think u are ? I ask because i have something going on but no docs will tell me , so i was thinking maybe i ahve some fibroids , but i dont know for sure. I do have flutters , and i can't find what else could cause those! Let me know if u find anything plz. THX


Ginger - March 31

no I don't know if im pregnant or not. I took some home tests a while back but i have not done one for almost a month. I feel little twinges and flutters and I was wondering if it was not pregnancy doing that then could it be fibroids?


coco - March 31

i really wonder ! i have researched everywhere what else causes flutters and it always takes me to pregnancy sites. I have been preggo twice and i can definately recognise them too ! I have givin up on tests now though !


Ginger - March 31

I have a 3yr old, I definately know what you mean. Yesterday after having fruit punch I felt a small jab at my stomache. It was very small but yet noticeable. I wish someone had more info.


sara - March 31

I will stick around for more answers.


Coco - April 1

Ginger, how long do u think u could be ? I reckon i'd be about 14 weeks or so. I thought it was all in my head , but the flutters are real! I don't have much symptoms ( never did anyway ), but they're definately real ! I can feel them from one side 2 another on my lower abdomen, it feels like muscle spasms or bubles, and sometimes it slightly tickles me ! WHat is that then if it's not a preg. ? My doc said the symptoms for fibroids are heavy bleedin accompanied with cramps which i don't have ! I'll loo around and let u know if i find anything !


kim - April 1

Fibroids cause heavy bleeding. Women may have longer periods and very heavy and painful. You may have PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, this is cyst on your ovaries. Symptoms include, weight gain, missed periods, moodiness, and hair growth. In a book I have at home it says bowel contractions could be another cause for a feeling of movement in your stomach. Hope this helps.


Coco - April 1

Thx Kim for the info. Well i can rule out the heavy bleeding, the weigth gain, the missed periods,the hair growth and the moodiness. I do have cramps sometimes, it feel like tightness and i am bloated and very ga__sy as well.So im still looking around for some infos.


Ginger - April 1

Last september I had blood tests done and ultra sounds, both abdominal and v____al. My doc was testing for thyroid problems and Pcos. Everything came up normal. Then later I found out that I was just having an early miscarriage. Coco it feels exactly like muscle spasms of some sort, it only happens in the area under my belly b___ton in the mid section. I highly doubt that I would feel bowel contractions in that area, but who knows???? What eles could it be besides a baby and bowel contractions. And what causes bowel contractions?


Coco - April 2

U know Ginger, to make sure it's not all in m head, i kinda "play" with the "potential" baby by pressing hard on my belly and when i release the pression, i feel movements going away from where i was pressing on. My belly already is extra flat ( especially when i lie down, but now now matter how i suck my belly in, ther's a bump, it's rounded and hard. Now call me crazy , but apart from a baby, i really don't know what causes thoses movements. I don't know what causes the bowel contractions, but like u said i doubt they would be so down, they'd problaby be in the upper stomach,i'd think !


coco - April 2 belly is not "already" extra flat, but USUALLY extra flat.Soz


Ginger - April 2

Hey Coco, how are you feeling today. Last night I bought a pregnancy test from the dollar tree. I had saved it for this morning. While I was in the bathroom, my 2yr old busted in and my test fell into the sink of runnig water. Needless to say, I had'nt even used it yet. What a bummer. The one day that I try to test something goes wrong. I quess I was meant to wait some more. I don't blame my baby though, she is always excited about cartoon saturdays. I'll probuly buy another one tonight.


coco - April 2

hey ginger, im ok i guess, thx, waiting for af ( overdue now ). LOL it's a good thing u didn't spend $$$ over ur HPT, at least u don't feel as bad ! I don't wanna test anymore, will wait for AF,wasn't ttc in the 1st place. Sigh...i'll have to be patient ! So u'd have 2 babies if u were preg. My cousin did that too, was pregnant when her son was 2 yrs. I admire u guys for that !


Ginger - April 3

The waiting games sucks, but we really have to just hang in there. I decided not to test, I think it was meant for me to wait. Im thinking of going to the doctors and asking for Provera to bring on AF. I was not really trying either, but after the missed AF......having another baby really stuck to me. I do want her to have a sibling close to her age. My sister and I are 17 years apart.



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