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sqeekers - June 19

I got my BFP today after 3 years of trying. I am absolutely amazed to be honest. We bd'd 6 days before O, and nothing after. I had no idea I had any chance at all. I am calling the doc in the morning so that I can make sure everything is ok. I had an hsg done about a week after O, because I knew my timing for bd'ing had been way off, guess I was wrong. My hopes are really high that everything is ok because of how dark the positive was. I am not really having many bad symptoms except upset stomach. I have mildly sore bb's, and a stuffy nose the past week. No increased appet_te, been a little tired but nothing unusual. Oh but the moodiness has been bad. I have been blowing up at everyone. I will keep you all posted after I talk to the doctors.


mgn - June 19

oh congrats! 3 years of trying! Wow...u must be thrilled. did u use any fertility drugs or was this all natural? congrats!


ZenGirl - June 19

You deserve your BFP after 3 years of trying!


Saird - June 19

Wow, congratulations! And 6 days before O. That is crazy. It must be meant to be.


staci - June 19

congrats sqeekers! what a blessing!


Rhonda - June 19

sqeekers,I am so happy for you,congratulations hon.yes you do deserve it of luck


soimpatient - June 19

YEAH! We needed a BFP around here! Congrats


LN030905 - June 19

wow!!! congRATS GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!


nanders - June 19

Congratulations!!! I hope you have a healthy nine months and a beautiful baby!!!!!!!!!!!


sqeekers - June 19

Thanks everyone. mgn I had been on Metformin for a little over a month, but that was it.


Danielle26 - June 20

Congratulations Sqeekers! Come on over to the First Trimester boards!


Lin - June 20

Wow, congratulations sqeekers!!!


want2beamummy - June 20

CONGRATULATIONS Squeekers! You must be thrilled and I agree with ZenGirl, you totally deserve your great news after 3 years of ttc. I got my BFP today too after 12 month ttc! I'm so pleased, it's hardly sunk in yet! I'm going to post now, my symptoms, etc as I know I loved looking over success stories! When is your due date? Fertility Friend has predicted that mine is 26th Feb 2007! ;o) Baby dust to everyone!


sqeekers - June 20

FF says my due date is 2/16/07.


LadyD - June 20

Congrats, squeekers!!! Good things come to those who wait...LOL.


VenusdiMilo - June 20



Kaity - June 20




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