Finally After 7 Months Of Ttc My Bfp

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shirece - November 12

hi ladies, i've been ttc for 7 months and i finally got my bfp yesterday on veterans day!! i cant begin to explain how i feel. i was so depressed and didnt know what to do anymore. i'm on metformin and was taking 100 mg of clomid to ovulate. i still cant believe i'm pregnant!!omg!! here are my signs, sneezing like crazy, spotting, sore bbs, major fatigue, nausea, light blue veins in my bbs. my periods were irregular anyway and i didnt chart my temps any. i found out i was pregnant through a blood test. i was so scared to take a hpt so i waited for the doc. i still cant believe it!! i did a lot of praying!! for those of you ttc pls dont give up hope and i know its hard but keep positve and pray!! lots of baby dust!!!!


Jill - November 12

Congrats are in order for you!!!! I have been ttc since May (mc) and I feel the same way you did. So far I am at 10dpo, it was bfn, but I have been having cramps the last few days and af isn't due till Tues. Also, sneezing and a bit of a sore throat..we will see what the morning brings. Again Congrats and hope you have a healthy 9 months!!


J. - November 12

Congrats Jill. Happy 9 months ahead of you!! I'm hoping this is my month as well. At CD 11, I spotted ALL day some brown discharge. It confused me because AF came for the month of Oct(10/30). Like you Jill, I've had this sore throat and flu like symptoms that I've been trying to fight off the past week. Baby dust!!


J. - November 12

Ooops, I mean congrats Shirece! Sorry!


Nissa - November 12

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Healthy, Happy Pregnancy and Baby to you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becca - November 12

Shirece, congratulations!!! I have also been trying for a while with no success. This is my first month using OPKs. If I don't get pg this month the dr want to put me on chomid to make me O, but the thing is, I already think that I am Oing. My cycles are slightly irregular (usually 29-33 days), and I always get ewcm in the middle of my cycle. How did you know that you were Oing?


AShley - November 12

Congratulations shirece!!! See, it pays not to lose faith huh? : ) I'm so happy for you. I just got my first bfp on tuesday. Good luck and God Bless!!


V - November 12

Congratulations!!! I've also been TTC, for 3 months. Will take a test on Monday. Good Luck!!


suzieQ - November 12

Congratulations!!! I'm happy for you! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy :)


Trish - November 13

Hi, Congrats Shirece....J, would a sore throat be a sign of pregnancy??? I had that for the last 2 days


patty - November 13

congrats !!!!!!!! i also have irregular cycles...what are yor cycles like ?when did you start to have the spotting and what is it like ?. i am in my 8th month of ttc with no luck yet wishes !!!!!!!!


Chas - November 13

Becca, the only sure way to know if you ovulate is to chart your temp. A temp thermal shift will confirm ovulation. is a really useful tool in determing ovulation, and yes the egg white, watery cm is also an indicator. If you are getting that, then you are probably o'ing.


Sara - November 13

YEAAAHHH!!Congrats on your new lil one.I am having tons of symptoms exactly like last month when I was pg.(I m/c'd).I m 7dpo and going to test the 21st.Thanks for the baby dust(hopefully it works)lol.Take care and congrats again!



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