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britneyhayden - April 26

I haven't posted on here in a while ive been posting on probelms getting pregnant but i'm just in such shock and so happy i just had to post it everywhere lol after 2 years of trying i finally got my bfp today!! So girls dont give up it will happen!!


JenE - April 26



Lin - April 26



crystal74 - April 26

britney, congrats...please tell me ur story. how old are you? and what did you and your hs have to go through? what methods did you use? this gives me hope into thinking there might be a chance for me.


LN030905 - April 27



Amber #2 - April 27



trishnish - April 27



canadagirl - April 27



tonia - April 27

Congratulations! Yes please tell us your story!


JENZEY - April 27



kellie - April 27

Yea!!! I am very happy for you!


britneyhayden - April 27

Hey crystal well i have one daughter who will be 2 in july and i knew right away pretty much i wanted another one lol and i wanted them to be close in age well it took us like a lil over a year to concieve with kaylee this time took us a lil longer im only 21 and dh is 28 so i went to the doc all was good with me and dh i get cyst sometimes doc said it was normal i actually had a cyst on my ovary when i was first pregnantr with my daughter but anyways honestly the only thing me and dh did was we had tons of s_x because he was off work and i used my cbefm first month using it and i think it helped trememndously to pin point my o time and we the day of o we did all kinds of positions so i mean other then that its all i did i was just praying i could do it on our own without me going to the doc and i gave myself til june and thank God it happened! But i'm wishing u girls the best of luck the only thing that ive noticed the past 2 days really is im extremely wet down there sorry if tmi but thats how i was when i was preggo with my daughter big sign and leg cramps my leg and feet r killin me and duh my b___bs r still swollen lol but with dd i didnt get morning sickness til about 8 weeks so i pretty much know when the full symptoms will be coming lol


Emma2 - April 27

YAY! :)


VenusdiMilo - April 27

Congratulations!!! I wish you a healthy happy pregnancy!


linds99 - April 27

That is so like us women, right when we set a timeline for us to reach a certain goal (BFP)...and it looks as if it aint gonna happen, the last minute it does! Congratulations on your positive, many blessings for the coming months...


britneyhayden - April 27

its really the truth i didnt think it was our month i kept feeling like af was coming and i was having a lil bit of back pains and the night before af was due i took a test clear blue easy digital and i had peed like 20 mins prior lol so it was kind of stupid and it was at night and it said not pregnant i was like well i guess theres next month well the next day no af went and bought two dollar tree test for the heck of it cuz i thought i was just late and as soon as the pee started going through the stick the lines showed up i was like omg! And still no af today so im just so excited and girls it will happen one way or another believe me ive been on this site and for months and it really helped me every month so thank goodness for lil support groups like this or i prob would had went crazi lol wondering every month


klweezy - April 27




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