First 2 Wk Wait This Is Torture How Do You Pass The Time

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babynewbie - January 29

Argh...this is our first month going au big planning just tried to have fun many times during what should be my fertile window. Saw all the stress friends were going through with temps, sticks, etc. and figured we'd just wing it for the first few months. BUT I am a woman obsessed already and i'm only 3po!!! :) Any tips on staying off this website and passing the time???


hollyl2313 - January 29

Well, I was in your shoes last week and now I am only 7 dpo. I can completely sympathize w/ you. It's torture isn't it??? We did what you did- no charting or temping either ,hoping for good timing. I spend alot of time here reading and chatting. It helps to know that you aren't the only one waiting in suspense. Wishing you a speedy tww!


jenn_ns - January 30

LOL... if we could stay off this website....well... we can't!!! lol I'm at work and I can't stay out of here. Maybe hide the plug from your computer....??? Let us know if you think of anything!!! :)


Megs - January 30

This is the best way to pa__s the TWW torture wait... Obsess over "symptoms" every month with fellow ladies who also have the "symptoms".. :-) good luck!!! BTW, I'm 3DPO today... I temp and FF has moved my O day as of this morning's high temp. UGH! LOL (I was 11 DPO today)


nino3 - January 30

Same here. I am also on my 2 week wait and it sucks. This montha has been the best for me. I get on and try to only read and not post about symptoms or anything cause i seem to always have the same ones and its always just af on her way. When im at work i really get into the website but when i get home, i stay away until the next morning hehe! You do learn alot on the web site though. If it wasnt for this i wouldnt have known about BBT or OPK's etc. Know i know when exactly i ov. and before i was way off. Good luck to you.


Mrs. Wicked - January 30

Ya know.... I know the charting everything helps a lot of couples, however I got pregnant with my daughter on the second day of my period...... so I say keep doing what you're doing.... as far as the waiting.... I didn't find anything that helped! Sorry!!!


babynewbie - January 30

thanks for your responses. i made it to 4 dpo, so far nothing. i managed to get through the day not on here because i was swamped with work! :) but tomorrow i'm off so hopefully i won't spend too much time..hee hee. anyway i don't expect it to happen the first go so we'll see. maybe i'll start to learn about charting and temping just in case i need it in the next few months!!!! good luck girls....



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