First Few Weeks Of Pregnancy

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Mami - November 11

Hi. what are the signs of first few weeks of pregnancy. I feel i am pregnant. I have cramps in lower abdomen and i feel tired...Today my period is due...but i don't experience tiredness during my periods...urine is very clear from last week with no va___al discharge....Can somebody tell me what is this all about???


Shalee - November 11

Early signs of pregnancy are (just a few)no period, sore tender b___sts, increased v____al discharge, urinating more often, darkened areolas, blueish lines in chest and b___sts visible, dizzy, morning could have all or none. If you are do for your period today, try and wait a week and then test. I know your nerves will get the best of you waiting for a whole week(trust me I have done it for three pregnancies) but the later you are the higher your levels of hcg will be and the more likely you will get a ++++ if you are indeed pregnant. HTH


Christine - November 11

Although I agree with everyone about waiting a week because hcg levels will be does not hurt to try sooner than that..with my first I got a positive before my missed period...with my second..the same..and with my 3rd..(well I didnt even think of another pregnancy) I was only a couple days late and got a positive...if you have a dollar store and dont mind spending a couple of one now and could be may need to wait another week...or two...but it does not hurt to try..good luck


Mami - November 11

Thank you very much for the positive response. I don't see many of the signs mentioned....but i saw prominent green nerves to my b___sts, frequent urination, dizziness...I am just hoping for the positive result. This is my first experience. I have one mre question.Does the belly size change during 4th or 5th week of pregnancy??


Mami - November 12

Please somebody answer my questions....


Christine - November 12

Mami it is different for everyone...and usually with a first child your belly does not change until after the first trimester which is 12-13 weeks...


~~A~~ - November 12

Mami, Like christine said everyone id different. But when I was 6 weeks preg, i looked 3.....before I found out i was preg with my 1st child, my hubby said why are your pants so tight??? I thought it was cause I was suppose to be starting......but i was actually preggo!!! with both of my babies, i showed early. I was like 3 months and i looked 8....good luck and god bless!!


~~A~~ - November 12

Sorry I meant to say when I was 6 weeks preg, I looked 3 months! HTH



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