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just_me - May 4

ool... second, can SOMEONE PLEASE give me some insite .. my AF are normal 30 day cycles.. then apr 14 came.. only 4 days and lite. then 12days later had thick white cm.. only in morn and only when I wiped.. that was on the 25th.. then from 25th til 1st.. clear CM.. then on 2nd.. I started another lite period and then turned into minimal af... as of today.. 4th.. its tapering off.. bbs still slightly sore.. nipples faintly sensitive, tummy bloated.. and all day today.. it felt upset and I had to swollow alot.. ( I know.. please dont laugh),now I am not supposed to start until the 13th of may.. is this a possible sign of pregnancy and should I take a test.. or should I chalk it up to an early af. (which I have NEVER had lol) my af's are normally from 6-7 days long.. I just dont know what to think.. oh yea the the nite b4 this bleeding.. DH and I did (bd) 3x's... does anyone have any thoughts .. thank u.. and I again, I think u all are awesome


Dj - May 4

I think you could be pregnant. I would wait until your original AF due date to test, though, because it might be too soon to get a bfp otherwise. Keep us posted! Good luck.


Linda - May 4

I would test for pregnancy. The tests can be a real inexpensive way to know for sure. There's no better feeling than seeing that bfp:)


Chriss - May 5

to just_me. I really do think that the "lite period" that you had may have actually been implantation bleeding, try testing with an early response home pregnancy test and if this comes back negative, wait a week and test again. Good luck to you!!!!


just_me - May 5

So I shoud take a HPT the day I expect af? which is the 13th?? and thank u for answering so soon :)


~ - May 5

bump up please


chriss - May 5

Yes, wait until the 13th and test away and again if it comes back negative and you don't get your period in a 3 or 4 days test again!! Good luck!!


just_me - May 5

ok .. now I am down to spotting, I am burping alot.. tummy feel weird.. ( almost like I wanna swollow all the time just to get tummy to calm down).. Nipples dont sting like they were.. .. oh god this is annoying lol


me again - May 5

I forgot to add.. been getting slight headaches, and having like achyness in my lower back and tummy too.. Ok thats enough.... I think lol sorry


Chriss - May 5

These all sound like preggo symtoms to me!!!! Baby dust to you!!!


KEEKEE - May 5

Sound good to me!!!! You may be pregnant!!!


Just _me - May 5

is it also possible to have small ( small) tissue as well as the early af like this....


hmm - May 5

any other ppl agree with other posts on here?


tiki-nut - May 5

I would take the test now--why wait until may 13? that does not make sense since you sound like you think you have been pregnant since march? could also be a hormonal imbalance so if it is negative, you should call your dr. lite periods are also a sign that you might not be ovulating.


Lesley - May 5

I think you should take a hpt and if negative than just wait until AF comes again. My doctor told me that I should wait until I've missed 2 AF and a hpt has been positive before I make an appointment to see him.


Just_me - May 5

but how do I know for sure this was a real AF.... I HAVE NEVER been early before lol... and this isnt a normal flow.. very scanty... thanks


~ - May 5

other ideas maybe...



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