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Ally - October 13

Ok. Has anyone else ever gotten a negative from First Response after implantation bleeding? Thanks for your quick response...


Hannah - October 13

Hi Ally, I think I might have had implantation bleeding last week because it only lasted a day and a half and was very light. I took a first response test yesterday morning and it was negative. Every woman is different so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP next week.


to Ally - October 13

Yes I did, and it turned out to be a true negative. BUT-- I have a friend who also got a negative with them, and tried a different brand the same day and got an accurate +!! Hope this helps!


Ally - October 13

Thanks for your help with this. I posted on here earlier. I have stage 4 endometriosis and we tried clomid for a while but it didn't really help,and I wanted to remain married so I stopped that. However, there are days that I can't stop this throbbing headache. I have never had a migraine but I think that is what this has been. Also, I have just been sick to the point of vomitting but I don't ever do that. I just put the trash can close to me, it feels that strong. Anyway, I was due to start on the 1st. However the nite of the 30th, I wiped with TP and got a little spotting. On the next day, nothing almost all day excpet when I would wiipe. Then I bled some on Sunday but not much, didn't even take anything for pain i don't think. So, now, I have heartburn, I swear my b___bs have grown and the strangest thing is the headaches and that I have actually lost weight, while eating everything. Any additional help would be appreciated. Thanks so much... Have a Blessed Day!!


????? - October 13



**** - October 14



ARD - October 14

Hi all! My question is, does every woman have implantation bleeding? I'm having many symptoms of being pg, but bleeding isn't one of them. Your input is appreciated! Thanks!


Maria - October 14

Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant now and I never had any implantation bleeding or spotting. I have 2 other children and never experienced then either. So no every woman does not notice this sign. What are your symptoms, when is your BF due?


tulla - October 14

i took a first response test about 4 days before my period was due bc i had what i really thought was implantation bleeding that morning. the test came up positive within seconds and i am def. pregnant.


ARD - October 14

I have very, very tender b___sts/nipples, very tired, achy, some light cramping, change in my bowel movements, indigestion, headaches, and my stomach looks different, not big, but just tighter and I don't know, different. What do you think.


Sarah - October 14

Hi ladies-mind if I wait with you? Ally-FRE has so many mixed reviews-have you tried any other tests? So-if you were due the first-that means you are 13 days late? If I were you I'd try another test or go see your dr-especially in light of your other symptoms! Hannah-good luck! Any other symptoms? ARD-implantaion bleeding actually happens in less than half of women-what are your other symptoms? Can I ask how old y'all are? As for me I'm 31 and this would be my first lil one! What got me thinking this might be the month was that I started having weird sharp pulling cramps about 9dpo. They started low on the right side of pelvic region but now are more centralized. It feels now like there are little pins poking me down there off and on. Today I am about 13 dpo and yest we bd'd and afterwards when I wiped there were tiny light pink spots on the tp-I thought oh great-here she comes-but-nothing since then.My temp jumped up this am-although-this has happened to me once before (the day before af).ALso (this may be tmi sorry) I am normally pretty constip[ated but have been having great bms the past few days? That about wraps up my obsessing:) Hope to hear from everyone soon~*~**~*Sarah


Maria - October 14

ARD and Sarah, the symptoms sounds very positive, when I was 10 DPO I took 2 different pregnancy tests, first the dollar tree one, came back very faint BFP, then Answer, came back BFN. The next day I took first response, came back BFP, but faintly, then another dollar tree and another BFP. I took my last answer test the day of my missed period and it came back BFP, very BFP. I am 30 and have 2 girls, 7 and 10. Now 6 weeks along. My symptoms before I missed my period was weird cramping, not like my BF was coming but more sharp, like pins and needles, weird pain in pelvic area too. Those all subsided and now my b___bs have been hurting the last week and seem much fuller. I am nasaus but not vomitting yet! Oh, peeing a lot more than usual, that is because in the beginning of pregancy when your uterus grows it puts pressure on your bladder to urinate more. I hope this helps, Baby dust to all *********


Mother of one, but it's been t - October 14

Okay, I'm sorry, I don't want to be retarded, but what is implantation bleeding?



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