First Response HPT Faint Positive Please Help

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Stick Pee - October 8

I took at FR HPT test this morning-it is four days before af should arrive. At first the test looked BFN, but a few minutes later there was faint second line- my question is, if you leave the stick for too long will the second line show up a little even if you aren't preg? I


Ana - October 8

Well I'm still waiting to find out (took a blood test yesterday)...but in my brief unconclusive experience....not all lines are positive. I have taken 5 hpt's and three have been straight out neg. and 2 have turned "positive" after sitting out for about 12 hours. I don't feel any dmy cervix is low and hard so I really don't think I"m pregnant. Those two tests that turned pink sooo much later are not accurate in my opinion. The same thing happened to my mom. Her test turned positive after a few hours. She was not pregnant though. I know there are some women here who swear that a line is a line no matter when it shows up. But I'm not too convinced. About a year ago someone posted that a man got a faint line too. :0) So... But if yours turned pink/blue shortly after the alloted time you may be pregnant. How faint was your line? DId you really have to look hard to see it? Usually the alloted time is 10 minutes.


Ana - October 8

You may be testing too early though. But, like I said...if it turned positive very SHORTLY after the alloted time, you very well may be. Good luck.


SP - October 8

Thanks Ana- It is much lighter than the other line- I don't know if it is just wishful thinking on my part. It was slightly over 10 minutes that the test was sitting out- i took the test, took a shower, and when I got out the second pink line had shown up. I have had some symptoms, but I have also had a bad cold for two weeks so its hard to say if the symptoms are really pregnancy symptoms or if they are just from being sick. I had some cramping at 8dpo that was unusal. I guess I will buy another test. I am going to go broke from peeing on sticks. thanks so much for your input. Good luck- how long have you been trying?


Deb - October 8

I have had very bad luck with the FR tests. I have had many faint positives over the last few months that were actually negatives. It is a problem that this brand is having. Check out and read about them. I won't use them anymore.


C. - October 8

For what it's worth..I've had no probs with FR and think they're great. For me and a number of other ladies, it worked better than the cheap online sticks. When I got my last faint positive, and it was was a real BFP. It just got stronger over the next few days. Like you, the first time I tested, the second line came up at around 9/10 mins. But 2 days later, it was darker and no doubt at all. You tested early, so the line would be weak. I know some gals get false positives, but sometimes I think they just end up as very, very early m/c's, and sometimes they are evap lines, if you wait several hours. But yours came up much, much sooner. Good luck and keep us posted!!


SP - October 8

thank you everyone for your input- I so much appreciate it- i am so anxious not knowing.


answer - October 8

i believe the tests are inaccurate after 10 minutes, the box instructions will tell you.. If you let it sit too long an "evaporation" line can show up..


Curious Too - October 8

I took a FR HPT test early this morning also. I had a very faint line appear quickly but 2 years ago when I was pregnant last time, it seemed like the lines were closer together. Does it matter the location of the line?


SP - October 8

I just peed on another stick, another FR early test. I also took a second stick and ran it under water at the same time. There is definetly a second line on the one I peed on and clearly only 1 line on the one that I ran under water. The second line is faint, but it is pink, and it is there. Does this mean I am preg??????? I wish so much that I knew for sure.


to Curious - October 8

the location of the line doesn't matter- that is predetermined by the design of the test. Maybe the test you took with your last pregnancy was an older version- maybe they make the lines further apart now so they are easier to distinguish


Curious - October 8

The sad thing is I am up at 11:45 hoping to get an answer off of the internet! I need to go to bed! Thanks for the imput.


Curious - October 8

What did your line look like? Was it pink or was it just a little off from the rest of the box?


SP - October 9



Steph - October 9

If you had two tests turn out positives odds are you are PG. I used first response 3 days after AF was due and got a faint I took 3 more tests...ALL were positive! If I were you I would wait until AF is due then take another test! GOOD LUCK!!


curious - October 9

here's my story...cycle always regular. had period around august 14th. had another period september 1! (two weeks later. it was too heavy to be implantation). Neg preg test. faint line just yesterday for the first time...october 8th. weird huh? my hubby hates spending money on all of these tests but it does drive you nuts until you know!


celia - October 9

I had to faint but clearly there positives with FR.... both test showed 2 lines within about 2 minutes... I didn't use fmu so i went and bought another box to use the next morning with fmu and both test came out negative. I am almost 2 weeks late for my AF. Makes me wonder just how reliable the FR really are??



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