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tish - May 1

has anyone used these before? my grandmother gave me a bunch as an easter gift and they have been positive for the past week. i've been taking 2 a day and they are all positive.


soimpatient - May 1

Is the second line as dark or darker than the control line? P.S. I wish my grandma would get me OPKs as a gift :)


Lin - May 1

They're only positive if, as soimpatient said, the test line is as dark as or darker than the control line. There will probably always be a line there, but that doesn't make it a positive test.


tish - May 2

they are very obviously positive. the test line is allways much darker than the control line. and it shows up like that really fast.


soimpatient - May 2

Hmmm, tish, I'm stumped...are you sure you aren't pregnant? I've heard of some women getting + OPK when they are preggos. If you aren't I would call the mfg (they usually have a hotline) and ask them for their advice.


tish - May 2

i doubt i am pregnant. i am 12 dpo right now. i do have sore b___sts, but not anything to get excited about. and i am not feeling tired at all, as a matter of fact, i have had a huge energy boost over this weekend.


tish - May 2

yeah, my grams is a fun lady. it is her personal mission to make sure that she does everything in her power to get me knocked up. so she buys opk's, hpt's, vitamins, searches the internet, and i get a lot of fun emails from her about the best time to gof and best positions and what not. they make me blush.


Cindy Lou - May 2

Well I believe lin told me before that the pee on a stick opk majority of the times show two lines because they are not as sensitive as some others...I have used Answers opk until I started getting two lines and then when I did get the two lines I pulled out the more expensive digital opk that show a smiley face on the result area and a plain circle when negative...good luck to you sorry if it wasn't great help...I just thought I would tell you what I did this past month...I am now on DPO8 and just waiting to see how it went...Good luck again.


tish - May 3

well, it's official. first response opk's are c___p. i bought some answer opk's yesterday and the rite aid brand ovulation predictors. i took 3 of the rite aid kind yesterday and 3 of the answer kind and they were all negative while i also took 3 of the first response brand and they were very obviously positive. again today, i took 3 of each test. the answer and the rite aid brand were both very negative and the first response were very positive. so i am going to chalk it up to the first response brand sucking.


Lin - May 3

Wow, that's really weird. Perhaps you just got a faulty batch. You really should call their hotline. They should at least refund what your grandma paid for them.


LN030905 - May 3

Thats so cute ur grandma bought u some for Easter!! lol!! She sounds like a pistol!


tish - May 3

i wrote them an email. i had 3 boxes of them. 1 she said she bought at a rite aid by her work and two she bought at the target by my house.


tish - May 3

oh, my grams is somethin' else all right. she is the best person i have ever met in my life. i don't know what i will do when she is not here anymore. i lived with my grams from the day i was born until i moved in with my hubby.



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